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    We are looking for a location for 3 weeks shooting + 1 week prep in Spring 2016 (currently scheduled for March).  We are looking for somewhere to double as a private boarding school (so think Dead Poet’s Society … wood panelling, traditional etc).  Large manor houses are a possibility.  The entire film takes place within this location and the director has very specific requests/requirements.  

    Alternatively, if you have a number of different locations within a similar vicinity (ie within the same county) that provide the various rooms needed, then I’d love to hear.  The nearer to London/Surrey the better (as it reduces our accommodation budget) but as long as it’s in the UK we’ll consider it (Wales and Scotland are a little too far).

    We need rooms that can double as the following:

    Large grounds/remote location
    1 main classroom (preferably 1st or second floor)
    3 secondary classrooms (preferably 1st or second floor)
    1 long corridor (preferably 1st or second floor) connecting above rooms
    1 large room that can be set up as a library (or this could be at a different location)
    1 small room that can be set up as a school lab (or this could be at a different location)
    2 separate stairwells leading to the ground floor
    1 communal toilets
    1 balcony
    1 roof access
    1 school sports hall/gym2 (or this could be a different location)

    Email Contact: if you have any location that suits the above listing

    Trayan Velev

    Hello Kelson,

    I happen to know a few locations that fit your brief almost fully and would be happy to help you.
    I will email you some pictures.

    Kindest regards,


    Sindy Campbell


    I have a location on my database that would fit this brief. Please contact me at locations@filmbirmingham for further detail.


    Sindy Campbell


    We have a location that could work really well. Please contact me at and i can send you further details.


    Hi Kelso,

    I’m Will from NEEDaFIXER. We are one of the largest international production fixing companies in the world.

    From what I can see you have a really exciting and interesting project planned and I think we could be a great asset to your production. We have a large list of locations around the UK and a myriad of crew and equipment hire contacts that would be ideal for the brief you have provided.

    We have worked on an array of large and small scale productions both in the UK and around the world that have been delivered in a variety of formats. Please see a brief over view of our recent client list below.

    Television- Red Bull, RDF, National Georgraphic, BBC, Blink Films.

    Advertising- KODE Media, Infinity Sqaured.

    Online- Vice, Heineken House.

    Music Videos- Caviar.

    It would be great to chat about this project further over the phone or via email.

    Please contact us at the office on +44 20 8549 2259 or on my personal mobile at any time +447882 377169

    Alternatively feel free to email- or

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Many Thanks,

    Will and the NEEDaFIXER Team

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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