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  • Ivana

    Dear colleges, we”re searching for location references for an still shoot for brand new launching vehicle which is due to come out next year.

    We”re looking for COASTAL ROADS, BIG OPEN FIELD (PLAINS), MODERN BUILDINGS, etc., this is going to be for both on road and off road.

    We”re considering Italy ans Swiss, but any other suggestions in Europe will be highly appreciate.

    Please forward your references to

    Thanks in advance.

    We provide Locations & Production services in INDIA. You have not mentioned India in the list of Locations, but I am still taking the liberty of forwarding these location pictures.
    Kishore Sinh Parmar [ +919898279640 ]


    We have an extensive location library that could contain just what you’re looking for if you will consider the UK.

    Feel free to have a browse at

    Bian Bian

    Hello, we are a group of location managers that are working for 10 years in soap operas in Portugal. We have hundreds of locations that will certainly fulfill your needs. The main thing that we have to offer, is that we can propose you several options for all needs presented, just around Lisbon. Portugal has hundreds of kilometers in coast line, we have a lot of new office areas (including EXPO) with modern buildings around and very nice plain landscapes not faraway.
    The taxes in Portugal are very reasonable and i think we can offer you a good proposal if you choose to present us more details of your needs.
    Kind regards
    Nuno murinello

    young shin

    Hi Juan!

    I’m sending four ref locations.
    Please if you need more, just send a e-mail to
    Hope we can help you!

    Check our work in
    and you’ll find all the information that you need!

    PSP TEAM – Portugal

    Shoot Paris

    Dear Juan,

    I am sending several photos of locations in Georgia. Coastal road, plain, off road, modern buildings are available in Georgia. Please contact by email:

    Best, Nick

    Leo Hanozet

    Have you thought Sardinia?
    I don’t know if i’m in time.

    leo +39 338 2457743



    Mallorca has all these and more with a very compact area. If you get in touch I can put together a more detailed reference package for you.


    +44 7976 289 580

    If you want to use the power of the euro and get the most amazing car shots, come to california! we will be the same price or cheaper!

    put you up in the chateau marmont for 200euros a night. dance with the stars, shoot with an amazing crew and if you want even post with a-list editors/sound designers etc.

    we have done it before for the dutch (john doe and n=5 and numerous car spots) – they have less money than the english!

    nicholas simon
    smacs inc. in los angeles and for vietnam, cambodia and laos

    Katy Smith

    Here a small sample of one coastal road, modern city and a wide open landscape location that offers both asphalt and gravel. This is just a small sample since we cover all Italy but if you get in touch with more details we cn refine our proposals

    Hi there

    You will definitely find what you need for car shoots in South Africa. I can upload a range of locations in you are interested in considering our part of the world.

    All the best

    Poppet Celdran

    Let me know if you are interested to shoot in Vietnam. We had done a lot of TVC with this kind of specs for Piaggio, Toyota and Hyundai.

    You can email me at

    Poppet Celdran

    Dear Juanma,

    We just want to remind you that Malaga has coastal roads and modern buildings like PTA, Palacio de Congresos, La Caja Blanca and so on.

    ¡Ya sabes donde estámos!

    +34 952 601 736

    Nick Peters

    These locations exist in Thailand.,Pls contact

    Vidar Trellevik

    Dear Juan
    Why not try Norway! We have the roads, and spectacular nature. Also we have modern buildings.
    I hope you will find these images interesting.

    Vidar Trellevik
    Skype: vidar.trellevik
    +47 55199797

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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