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Forums Pre-Production Forum Lockdowns are lifting, are you back in production? – your say

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  • Murray Ashton

    With lockdowns now lifted and production resuming in China and South Korea there is some light at the end of the film and TV production tunnel!

    This week European countries including Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Germany have also begun cautiously lifting their lock downs.

    Are you back at work?
    Have you been greenlit for location filming / production activity in your country?
    Is your production gearing back up in the reverse order of how it came to a sudden shut down?
    Are smaller productions starting first?
    We would love to hear your news about how you are getting back in production.

    We know that production will start up soon for other countries and that the need for new content will be substantial! Keep safe and carry on!

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    With every good wish,

    Updated as at 15 April 2020

    Production businesses and film sets are classified as workplaces in Victoria, Australia and can continue to operate under the current measures. As with all businesses in Victoria, they are required to follow the latest guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene measures in the workplace, whether it is in a studio or outdoors. Penalties apply to those businesses who are in breach of these guidelines.

    The Australian Government’s physical distancing fact sheet contains information on what physical distancing means in Australian workplaces and in public.

    The Business Victoria hotline has been established to support businesses who are seeking advice on how to operate during this time. Contact the Business Victoria hotline on +61 3 13 22 15 or by using the Business Victoria Contact Us form at

    For more information on production in Victoria, visit

    James Gavin Walker

    The countrywide lockdown in Italy – now officially extended through May 3rd – has only shifted marginally and even then for a handful of exceptions. (Filming is not listed by the government as an ‘essential activity.’) Productions that publish their news on the Kometarossa website say they await government clearance before rescheduling any filming, although some say they hope to kick off in mid-May. Comments from Italian production freelancers on Kometarossa suggest there is still no real light at the end of the tunnel. (Perhaps unsurprising given the amount of leverage production insurance specialists have in greenlighting a given job.)

    All my international productions now say they want to film at the earliest in July.

    Bui Baldvinsson


    We are still here, safe and sound and hope you are too
    Here at the Hero Productions facility in Reykjavik, we are re-aligning our schedules to the regulations from the Icelandic government regarding the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic. Our hearts are now with the thousands of individuals worldwide who are suffering with this devastating disease and their friends and families.
    Thankfully, the actions and responses of Iceland’s director of health seem to be working beyond our greatest hopes and it appears that Iceland has reached its peak of the outbreak, giving us a reason to be cautiously optimistic from this point on.

    Iceland is now an even emptier wasteland
    Due to the foreign travel restrictions to Iceland, the whole country is now literally empty and offers a unique opportunity, even more so than normal and that’s saying something. The biggest tourist attractions and hotspots are now free of all human interference in pristine surroundings.
    Hero has access to state of the art camera equipment that can be utilised by, local crews capturing scenes and landscapes never thought possible in complete safety and according to all government containment rules and health regulations.
    By planning ahead to film in Iceland this year is beneficial for everyone and using the low exchange rate and prices of lodgings and Car rentals, would not be a bad idea is it?

    Embracing new restrictions
    And is for now, we are allowing social groups to be up to 50 people, so the film industry is actually ongoing on full force. Studios and production houses now need to embrace a new reality in times of an opponent facing all mankind. This reality enforces a new set of rules on the production industry to ensure safety for all individuals.
    We at Hero want to use those rules as an opportunity to exercise our creativity in film, tv and ad productions streaming and focus on new solutions to drive safe content creation in Iceland.
    Using restrictions as an innovative force is our forté and the current situation is no exception.

    So what does that mean?
    While big-scale productions are on hold during these times of unprecedented crisis it does not equal a complete halt in storytelling and advertising but only new ways of delivering them. Hero productions are here to facilitate new initiatives in Icelandic productions management making sure that in these difficult times new horizons are within reach. We are here for you.

    Lets all stay strong and care for each other

    Bui Baldvinsson

    Nick Dodet

    Almost back to normal in China. All businesses, restaurants, bars, public transportation have reopened. Shoots are allowed in studios and locations. Under strict health rules (wearing masks unless in front of the camera, temperature checks, etc…), but such rules have not affected the quality and speed of production. And today’s technology allows us to stream live feeds straight from the video tap to a monitor on the other side of the world in mere fractions of seconds, so China is servicing the whole production world at the moment, in addition to seeing a very active local advertising industry scene. Contact us for more information.

    Steven Ballantyne

    In both Hong Kong and China EPM Asia is now fully back into production mode – maintaining the safety of crew still remains a priority and on all shoots crew wear masks, maintain distancing and frequently use sanitiser.

    In recent weeks we have seen a uplift for in-house commercial filming and International Documentary across Asia – engaging crew directly in both China and Hong Kong and working through remote technology to secure and manage content within countries still in lock-down.

    Over 15 years of business EPM has kept productions running through several challenging times and disasters and will always find solutions keep the cameras rolling no matter where you would like to film.

    For further details on our pre-production and production managements services across Asia please email steven.epm@gmail.com

    Jean Gerard

    Shooting in Hong Kong
    There were never a lock-down in Hong Kong, so the situation is still the same.
    Temperate check at all building and wearing a mask is “mandatory” (Not by law, but by respect)
    We, VisionRouge, have been shooting in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago without any issue.

    Year 2020! Check our main video & photo projects in Hong Kong and China

    You can also have a clear view of the guidelines we put in place for Shooting in Hong Kong. Mostly to make sure a crew coming to an office will not bring the virus with it.

    Keep filming corporate video under Corona virus in Hong Kong! ▷ Our Tips.

    These guidelines can be used in many other places.

    CHINA (Shanghai)
    It’s still extremely complicated to do any shooting there as a foreigners as many hotels do not accept foreigners. This is true also for some residences where the gear rental house are located; so you can’t just go and pick up your gear by yourself anymore.

    All visas has been canceled, so you need to ask for a new one, even for resident permit holders.

    Traveling in China is also complicated cause all provinces have different health APP and they do not work the same. For example, many foreigners have been simply bared for entering Jiangsu province (the one touching Shaghai on the north) even with a green APP for Shanghai when trying to reach Nantong.
    Locals have less problem traveling/shooting.

    Going to China will force you to go for a 15 days quarantine in a dedicated hotel that you will have to pay by yourself, as well as the price of each test.
    Same in HK, but the quarantine is at home.

    Feel free to contact me for more details on shooting in Hong Kong or China. We have both office in Hong Kong and Shanghai with camera operator and other audio guy to hire for your shooting there.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by  Jean Gerard.

    Nick Dodet

    Hi Jean,
    Your information regarding Shanghai is a bit outdated. Foreigners are currently NOT allowed to enter China, regardless of their visa situation. Only Chinese citizens can enter the country, and they have to go into a 14 days quarantine at a dedicated location.
    And in the past 2 weeks, we haven’t had any issues picking gear up at any of the vendors. But there were issues in that regards in March indeed.


    In the U.K. we are (hopefully) at the peak of the crisis, the health authorities believe that the daily infection rate is levelling off and about to drop.

    Our lockdown regulations mean that there is no production activity at all. We do not have any firm indication when this might change. The government have said that they are not going to relax the restrictions until they are sure that a second wave of infections is unlikely.

    In discussions with colleagues, everyone I have spoken to accepts that production will only resume when it is safe, and production insurance is available. Insurance companies will only provide cover when all the risks have been calculated.

    It’s encouraging to hear that production in some countries is beginning to restart. However, until insurance is available, I am not sure if any UK producers and talent will be willing to travel. There has been speculation that production may resume in studios where the set can be carefully controlled. Unfortunately, I fear large scale location filming will take some time to get going.

    Tony choi

    In South Korea we never had lock down!!!

    When corona virus outbreak our government only isolate whoever got infected and wherever it has related with infected person and who/ wherever infected person got visited or meet.

    So earlier we had many places and personal got affected but after that we seeing dramatic improvements from those approaches and now we are seeing less then 30 infection in last 10 days and government is starting to considering even softening current measure.

    So all the business is normal and production is working normal as if we never had pandemic !!!

    All crews are working and all vendors are open as usual.
    Permit also issue with no problem .. only difference before and now is everyone will wear masks and continuously sanitize set, and regular temp check.

    For the international travel, it has restriction..
    Country where there was restriction for Korean are not allowed enter unless special occasion but which exempt people from USA, England and other handful country that still open for Korean enter into.

    But even then regardless of purpose / duration of visit it is compulsory that have 14days of self quarantine period within government designated place at fee (USD 100 per day)

    Because of this hardship, we have equipped for remote viewing facility which everyone can monitor from where they are using QTAKE system.

    Also we can help with B-roll camera for overall set viewing as well.
    (we can transmit 4 cameras up to 16 computers/ monitors at the same time using secure web site.

    Finally for smoother communication we can provide strong bilingual AD, and co-director and even creative person on set for smoother REMOTE shoot.

    We are lucky enough to be one of handful country that you can shoot during this period and we looking forward to hear back from you.

    Tony Choi
    +82 10 5785 5676

    Hyuck hoon Nam

    The spread of CORONA Virus in Korea is a bit of a calming situation, but we are still not at safety.
    Of course, the overall economy is in a recession, and so is the film industry.
    When the project is confirmed, there is no problem with the shooting.
    However, if the overseas crew has to come to Korea, the story is different.
    All inbound travelers from abroad are allowed to release for working in 14 days of forced isolation somewhere set by the government.
    There are no other restrictions on foreigners or filming.
    You should keep your cough etiquette or wear a mask.That’s all the informal rules.
    I hope your health, your safety, and your corona will calm down soon.

    from Museumfilms in S.KOREA


    Three months after reporting our first cases of the novel coronavirus, Hong Kong on Monday reported no new coronavirus infections for the first time in nearly two months. Production is gradually getting back to business. Outdoor shooting is possible with good arrangement of people like splitting into small groups with reasonable distances in-between the groups. Indoor private location and studio shooting has no special requirements.

    Under the social distancing measures, restaurants are opened with special arrangement but some premises such as bars, amusement places, fitness centres, cinemas…etc are closed for public services.

    As of now, non-Hong Kong residents will be denied entry into Hong Kong. Therefore, a new work visa will need to be obtained, though the application time will be extended due to the limited government service under the epidemic. A medical test for COVID-19 upon arrival and 14 days of compulsory quarantine is required.

    If you don’t want to take the risk of traveling or have the 14-days of quarantine, remote supervision of shooting can be considered @

    Ariane de Siron

    Lockdown is relaxing slightly. We had our first shoot today. Borders are still closed but Germany offers a lot of location options and travel within German Borders is relatively flexible. Some basic healthy rules apply such as 1,5m distance, desinfection material on all EQ & on set, wearing masks at all time (but the model / actor when shooting & HMU) and gloves is recommended as well as regularly temperature check before coming to set. We work with minimal teams and flexible shooting dates mostly on private properties and are looking forward to even more flexibility on the location side very soon. Great locations options, talented (international) actors and trendy models, and of course the German organization and professional way to handle the situation. Furthermore, everybody is happy to help and are very much flexible.


    Our lockdown has passed from stage “zero” to “first” stage in some regions so it’s already allowed to shoot in studios and locations with recomendations regarding health rules. Those regions are for example Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.
    We are expexting the same in few weeks in Barcelona.
    So far the international flights are not allowed and only inter-slands flights are permited.

    You can contact us for more information.

    Stay safe!

    Hector Zerkowitz


    Cameron Wood

    Kia ora & hello from New Zealand.

    We’re up and rolling at full steam. Our television drama productions have been up and running for some time and we have the green light from Government to resume all types of production.

    As of today, when there where no new cases of Covid-19 for a few days running, we have had a total of only 1,147 cases and only 2 people needing to remain in hospital.

    New Zealand has world class locations, studios, equipment, crew, talent and internet speeds (thanks Sir Peter Jackson).
    Our tech teams have been live streaming feeds direct from camera, 360º ‘BTS’ and directly linking our on set directors and DPs with agency, creatives, clients, producers and directors anywhere in the world.

    It’s great timing as the snow is starting to fall and we’re gearing up to facilitate our usual influx of winter snow shoots.

    Queenstown is an amazing base for production as we have road access to many snow locations and with a short helicopter flight, unlimited backcountry locations that have been used in productions such as Mission Impossible 6, Mulan and Chronicles of Narnia together with thousands of television commercials.
    Larger projects currently in production or preproduction like Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series and the Avatar trilogy are currently gearing up to resume production. offer locations and production support to all levels of production. We have been involved with the updated health and safety guidelines to address filming in the time of Covid-19.

    It’s all go in New Zealand, whether you’re able to be on set or not.
    We’re looking forward to seeing you here soon!

    Cam Wood ltd
    Queenstown New Zealand

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  Cameron Wood.
    • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  Cameron Wood.
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