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Forums Pre-Production Forum Looking for a lake with natural ice…

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  • resembling Holland, so no mountains! Preferably eastern Europe; Lithuania, Hungary or Romania. shooting in December/January.
    If you have any tips, please mail to

    We also have it here in Estonia as it is as flat as Holland…….
    Please contact me directly

    Paul Craciun

    Hello! My name is Kristine and I am from Style Masters Studio production house in Latvija. We have lot of lakes in Latvia and they are with natural ice. We can offer you not only locations but also full service production. My contacts:

    Dear Mireille,
    there is a beautiful lake district in the north east part of Poland. We are likely to hit harsh winter this year and low temperatures in that very area are considered granted.

    I would be pleased to offer you our service. Please, do not hesitate to contact me on my e-mail address should you need any examples of locations sent to you.

    Kind regards,
    Tom Hryniszyn, Blast Factor Group

    Here just an advise….
    as of the current weather situation, you will have to be very careful choosing a location which is not in the mountains ! Which country can give you the garanty of ice in Europe without being in high mountains ? – honestly not sure. The location will have to be in high alttitude to be on the safe side with the ice. I have scouted few years ago in Czech republic and Poland for a lake with ice for a big film and honestly Poland only could give us the garanty….Go as much north and as much high (and still be flat) as possible. A very cold winter is predicted so you have a good chance to find a right place – Good luck ! Jasmina

    Peeter Urbla

    Dear Mireille,

    Patrick Sandrin is a French producer based in Bulgaria for 10 years. Please have a look at our website, you can find pictures of landscapes and lakes in the country. We can easily send you more pictures if you want. Feel free to contact me at +33 6 76 77 84 85 –

    Remi Noiriel

    I agree with Jasmina from although I’m a mountain guy. In Czech rep. is very good chance in the mountains up in North or down South. Definitely possible to shoot in Austrian or German Alps using Czech Crew & equipment coming from Prague / the most economic & effective /.
    Please, let us know.
    Daniel Heyna-Vetrovsky
    Ex. Producer – Rotor Productions, Prague, Czech Rep.

    We are a brand new film studio (PFI Studios) located in Belgrade, Serbia. Our database has a very extensive location database, so pls go to and click on the locations tab and then on the landscapes icon, which will take you to the photographs. If you find any locations you like, pls email me and we can give you more indepth information.
    kind regards, Barbara

    Well, so many people with so many options. I bet there is not a single frozen lake in any of those countries at the moment. We’re already halfway through November and you’re looking to shoot in December… I honestly think you’ll have to wait and see what the weather looks like by middle of December in order to see whether or not it is at all possible to shoot your film in January. By that time we might or might not have a location for you in Slovakia as well. If whatever I wrote makes sense to you, get in touch with me in December.


    Juraj Janis
    Hitchhiker Films

    Lena Kozlova, Radioaktive Film, Kiev, Ukraine:
    We have quite a few lakes, both in mountainous areas in Carpathians (which wouldn’t exactly fit your brief, but would be for sure frozen) and also a lot of lakes around Kiev, so you could both get your perfect lake and save on location travel. The only tricky thing is the weather. According to the forecast, we will hit very low temperatures in mid December (-13C), but by the end of December it will raise back a little to around 0. Which means it might be not the safest option to shoot on ice after only few days of really serious cold. In January, though, all the lakes are usually deeply frozen, and even if the temperature raises a little, the ice is thick enough to handle crews/equipment. Please email me at and I’ll gladly make a selection of lake moods for you.

    Giani Oprina

    There is a lake which will be guaranteed frozen in those months. Its name is balea lac in Fagaras mountains in Romania. I am shooting in the snow in the mountains at the moment but have my blackberry with me so please contact me if you are interested by this location suggestion. Thank’s a lot!
    Viorel – Silver Bullet Films – Romania Email:

    If the weather this year is “normal”so in December /January in the south of Czech Republic you can find what you want.We’d need more info concerning your demands.


    My name is Paulina Czech and I’m Production Supervisor in Ozumi Films. We are at the moment doing two productions so we have quite busy few weeks coming, but I will do my best to help with the Lake Location. As you probably know we were shooting frozen lake scene for Chronicles of
    Narnia “The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe” and we scouted frozen lakes around Poland. I was also taking part in Stella Artois beer commercial made
    by Jonathan Glazer in Poland, also on frozen lake.
    We have the documentation from these scouts, I will prepare some information for tomorrow and send it to you in the evening. In case of questions, please contact me.Best regards
    Paulina Czech
    Production Supervisor
    Mokotowska 46a /28
    00-543 Warsaw, Poland

    T: +48 22 628 80 30

    Danny Chen

    Hi, we are from Vojvodina, region in Srbija. Our region is known as serbian Nederland, so, name is telling everything. Please visit,com_zoom/Itemid,49/catid,15/lang,sr/
    If there is anything you like please contact us for more details. According to weather forecasts and our experience there is serious possibility that this winter will be cold, more than enough to freeze all our lakes. Almost all of these lakes are quite shallow, so they will be frozen very quickly.
    Best regards,
    Dusan Ninkov, Association of Vojvodina
    Film and Television makers

    I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of replies to my post! Unfortunately, the project has been cancelled so I’m no longer looking for a location.
    Thanks again and hope to work with you in the future!

    Kiki Meijer

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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