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Forums Looking for a location fixer in Italy and Spain

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  • Maria Thomas

    Italy : Riomaggiore / Venezza
    Spain : Benidorm

    Hi there,
    I’m a Location Manager based in Florence, but I often work in Liguria and the rest of Italy. I know Riomaggiore and Vernazza very well, but consider that 10 days ago a big flood destroyed Vernazza. It’s not possible to go there by car, only by boat and they do not give the permits for shootings, they have to work and try to let the people go inside their houses. Similar is the situation in the other villages of the Cinque Terre.

    I’m not sure if it’s a go idea to go there for a shooting.

    Cristina Rauter
    Location Manager

    TOSCANA PRODUCTIONS Srl – Location- and Production Service
    Via La Farina 24 – 50132 Firenze – Italy
    tel/fax +39 055 2001780 mobile +39 349 8346211
    skype: toscanaproductions


    My name is Felix Rosell ( http:5// ). What type of location are you looking for in Benidorm?

    Please do not hesitate contact me for any question.

    Felix Rosell


    Adam Thal

    Hi Jaewoo,

    I’m pleased to be able to reccomend my website to help you in the organization of your next production both in Italy and Spain. I am based in Milan and Valencia.
    I am Producer and LocationManager/Finder and I have location archives both of Liguria and of Benidorm.
    You know already what’s going on in Cinque Terre but the rest of region is fine and you can have good alternatives.
    the new waterfront is very attractive with different perspectives

    Feel free to contact me for futher details.
    Tomorrow I’ll be in Venice for production until Wednesday 23rd, you could reach me on mobile and I can aswered by email only late in the day.
    Ciao. Massimo
    +39 335 545 1264 . .

    Santi Navarro.

    Jose Trullenque

    Hi just ending an italian feature film for Heles Films Rome,here in Alicante I am free to prepare all you requiered , location , budgeting , local crews , hiring, etc
    Experienced for more than 25 years in film production for comercials, feature films and coorporate videos , I have do a lot of shootings in Benidorm and surrondings I knew very well the place. I speak fluently english and german and I`m incontact with the local authorities.
    Please don`t excitate to contact me.,-4.19,70.0

    Jose +34693802172

    Hi, I´m for sure who much jobs I did in Benidorm last 5 years!!
    I have locations in Benidorm, Alicante & Valencia where I am.
    I know the best crew for production service.


    Daniel Escrivá (+34) 686 968 598

    Hi, I´m for sure who much jobs I did in Benidorm last 5 years!!
    I have locations in Benidorm, Alicante & Valencia where I am.
    I know the best crew for production service.


    Daniel Escrivá (+34) 686 968 598


    I can do the job.
    My resume:
    Francesco Papa

    Yusuf Ozbek

    Juanjo Seda
    Production / Location Manager
    Mo. 0034 639 028 251
    Tel. 0034 971 739 500
    Fax. 0034 971 739 487

    rony siefer

    Blue 023 is a British-led production service company working throughout Spain. We have a very experienced location manager based just outside Benidorm. Please contact me for more info about blue023 and to talk further about what you’re looking for.

    All the best,


    If you still need any support please contact us: We know the cinque terre very well from other shootings.

    NOKRA FILMS has been producing commercials, documentaries and television programs.

    In addition to its creative production work, NOKRA provides production services to foreign production companies interested in filming in Spain.

    Our main strategy is focused on the production of innovative and high quality projects with commercial appeal focused on the international markets.

    Please,contact check out our web site at and contact us.

    Kindly Regards,


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)

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