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  • Ukrainian production company looking for apple & tomato & orange gardens in one area as shooting locations.

    Shooting is preliminary planned at the middle-end of the March.

    – perfect gardens with fruits. Need to see fruits in the frame.
    – farm househeld atmosphere, not industrial scale
    – please check average temperature during this period
    – please send distance between gardens, farness from the city

    Thank you in advance.

    Julia Smacheliuk

    Sharon L

    hi Julia, israel has great options for you, Orange orchards and Tomatoe fields,
    we do have apples plantations but not sure about the status of the leaves now,

    Dear Julia,
    I do not have pictures on file, but I may be able to get you what you need, however, this is in Jordan. If this works well with you, I can arrange to send you some pictures after I scout location and send you photos. Just need to know if Jordan could be convenient or can meet the budget.
    Attached is an orange field which is located in the Jordan Valley (about 1 hour drive). I can look for tomato and apple field in the same area were all agriculture plants are located in the Valley.

    Ambi Pratama

    Dear Julia,

    As mentioned, Israel would be your ideal location as both the weather conditions this time of year is gorgeous and the vicinity of the two requested locations is negligible.
    You will also find Israel to be most welcoming to East European productions as at least 40% of the population immigrated from Ex-USSR states in the 1990’s.
    The camera gear available is just as good and sometimes better then you would find anywhere in Europe and the crews are professionally and extremely passionate about helping you achieve your desirable goal.
    We will be more then pleased to help and can assure attractive rates.

    Thank you

    Sharon L

    Here are some photos from a Knorr job last February in Israel

    Hi Julia,

    I believe we can definitely help you in Spain. Please check your email for further information.

    Best regards,

    Luis Montalvo

    SPAIN !
    Please send us the board and we will come back to you asap.

    Ben Lohmer
    Sur-Film Production & Services S.L.
    Plaça Església 4
    07350 Binissalem (Mallorca), Spain

    +34 971 886 295
    +34 600 557 458
    +34 655 201 823 priv.

    Noam Sharon


    i think we can find oranges and tomatoes, but it is not the right season for apples now so if you need fruit on the trees – well its a problem

    peter verver

    Dear Julia,

    Your answer is Seville, in the south of Spain. We have perfect gardens with fruits. fruits in the frame.
    – farm househeld atmosphere, not industrial scale
    – The average temperature during this period is 15 – 25 centigrades.
    – The distance between gardens, farness from the city is 20 kilometers max.

    Best Regards. Alex Ochoa.
    Macondo Pictures.


    Hi Julia,

    We have several stunning spots here in PORTUGAL & Galicia that could fit the bill, with all three crops nearby…
    Although not sure if you’ll get apples at this time of year in south europe ! But will check…

    Chris Burnel.

    Julia Muelas

    привет Julia,

    Вы наидете все что вы ишите в Грузии (сады яблок и апелсинов и плантаций помидорав) и все ето вам абаидется гаразда дешевлее чем в лубом другом стране.

    Взглините на саит

    с уважением

    From FilmCrew, Jordan
    Dear Julia,
    Thank you for your request.
    Yes, we do have orange fields (such as the pictures I sent earlier), and close to it about 30 min drive or maybe less, we have tomato fields or other fruits (depending on the season).
    This is all located in the Jordan Valley area. It is about 1- 2 hours drive from the capital Amman depending on where exactly the fields are located. The Jordan Valley is the agriculture hub for Jordan. There are plenty of farms next to the Jordan River and it is the lowest point on earth. It is warm during the winter.
    As I mentioned, I could scout locations and send you pictures if you are interested to shoot in Jordan.
    I can provide permits, transport, accommodation, location catering and any shooting equipment if required. The only missing item would be a 35 mil camera that we do not have in Jordan, but can be arranged from Israel or Lebanon.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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