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Forums Looking for experienced fixer in CROATIA for Canadian TV travel series

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  • Allen Wan

    We are looking for an experienced fixer in CROATIA for a Canadian TV documentary travel program.

    The role will include:
    – being a sounding board/point of reference for the Director and provide ideas and suggestions on locations and activities.
    – providing an ‘off the beaten track’/insiders view to Croatia and help generate interesting and unusual ideas
    – providing contacts/places of interest that are not available to us via the internet
    – assisting with translation and logistics
    – having a good command of spoken and written English or French
    – Prep dates are flexible and on an ad-hoc basis (ideally along side other work)
    – available to film between November 8 to 24th 2013.

    CVs must have travel program credits and TV / documentary references must be provided. Many Thanks.

    Jim Edward
    Evasion network – Canada

    my name is Boris Velican (36), producer and PM in Croatia. I have MA in Film, TV and Theatre production.
    Among many things I did, a few projects I did for canadian producer Daniel Clarke (“Max Schmeling”, “Blood Rayne” etc…
    I’m interested in servicing foreign producer as PM. As a freelancer, I can advise which servicing company is the best for the project intended to be shot. Croatia has VAT refund asweel as tax credit.
    best regards,
    Boris Velican

    Mirta Jusic

    Dear Jim,

    I am a fixer experienced in working with foreign TV and documentary film crews in Croatia and Bosnia. I also have experience with travel stories and good connections in tourism industry.

    Normally, I help the producers or directors, before they get here, with the story background and fact checking, I provide story ideas or help develop them, suggest who to interview, provide contacts with local officials, obtain all necessary shooting (and other) permits, and organize their stay and shooting here in Croatia.

    During the shooting, I travel with the crew, serving as a fixer, interpreter and location manager.

    After the shooting is done, being a professional interpreter and translator, I often also translate the interviews, with exact time codes.

    Recently I helped a French TV documentary series crew: I organized the whole schedule for their shooting in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, their transportation, accomodation and food, served as liaison with the persons they planned to interview, found and negotiated locations for the shooting, helped with fact checking, and even served as a set dresser.

    And, last, but not least, I am good with intersting and unusual ideas :)

    When I’m not on location with foreign TV crews, I work in tourism and services industry as a consultant and coach.

    I have already worked with Canadians, both English and French speaking, during the war, and it was a very good experience, so I’m looking forward to working with you. If we agree, I can make my schedule free for the preparation period (along my other work) and the shooting between November 8 to 24th 2013.

    I’ll send you my CV and more details,



    If you are by your computer at the moment, give me a call on Skpye:

    Yasmin Gebel

    Dear Jim,

    I am writing from a Croatian production company as a response to your request for a fixer in Croatia for the Travel series.

    Over the last six years Kabinet has obtained a leading position in Croatia in commercial shooting production and more recently in feature film production.

    Our team consists of producers, production managers and directors with a wide-range of experience in production, servicing and directing of TVCs, feature length fiction and documentary films.

    As a team in our intensive work we have covered most of Croatia working for and with both domestic and foreign crews.

    You can see a lot of out commercial work on our website. Although, as a production company we have not independently produced a TV documentary travel series, as a team in our intensive work we have covered most of Croatia shooting with both domestic and foreign crews.
    We would be more than happy to see to all of your production’s needs and suggest a team among us or appoint and individual to help you prep the shooting in Croatia.

    Best regards from Zagreb,


    Tiha Gudac
    executive producer
    full service production

    Marticeva 51, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    TF +385 99 222 7709
    TF +385 1 4812 100
    FX +385 1 4812 006

    Dear Jim,

    I am sending you the link to the Filming in Croatia 2013 Guide where you can find basic information on filming in Croatia as well as the local film industry Directory:

    Should you have any specific questions regarding your shoot and stay in Croatia, please feel free to contact us at the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

    Kind regards,

    Ana Starcevic

    Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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