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Forums Looking for Fixers/Researchers for Project Worldwide

This topic contains 15 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Pepe Jean 6 years, 2 months ago.

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  • Pepe Jean

    I am writing as I’ve been given an opportunity from a great sponsor to tell stories around the world about great characters.

    They are basing it on my current project:

    A company whose gear we use has approached us and asked us to find strong, heartstring pulling stories about characters around the world (anywhere!) and to go out and tell them using their gear (drones, and of course cameras on the ground as we normally do) They want stories like the Highwayman story we did here:

    They are giving us free reign to tell any story we want. It could be the granny in Kenya who teaches people to kickbox for protection in the slums, the oldest man to work as a sherpa on everest, to the women who works with elephants in Thailand and raises and protects them on her own. The world is literally our oyster.

    There is no limit to what we can do with these stories. The only main factor is that it should be a very strong character with an amazing personality in a great environment. Ideally, we can find people who are “everyday” people doing incredible things. Young, old… doesn’t matter. It’s all about the story. It could be someones struggle and accomplishment, or someone that faces a challenge everyday and works hard to overcome it. No story should be thought of as too big or too small.

    I’m reaching out to you as I have a week to put the initial pitches together. After that they will choose one story. I am hoping to work with local fixers/producers on the ground, and of course anyone with story ideas we use would get credit for the research, etc as well as hiring you to work with us as fixers.

    Wishing you all well and thank you so much in advance for sharing any incredible stories you might have come across throughout our planet!

    The initial pitches go in July 31st so I’d greatly, greatly appreciate any thoughts/ideas a couple days before then if you’re interested in sharing!

    Warm regards,


    Hola Brent,

    Is nice to Forum meet you :)

    My Name is Max Cruz, i’m a Fixer / Producer based in Chile. I Just shot a couple of weeks ago with Committed_Films from USA in a very similar project. Also in the past I helped production companies and directors (also from USA) to develop stories about people & locations here in Chile. I have a strong knowledge about Chile and South America and as well I worked as a senior researcher in a few Servicer productions companies in Chile so I can help you to deliver a world class research presentation. I will be more than happy If I can help with this project it looks very interesting to me :)

    Please feel free to contact me
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Mobile: +56 9 5189 3305 | Skype: maximilianocruzburmeister |

    Hi Brent ,
    i would love to help you to provide as many as day to day stories in india. the country known for its multiple cultures , we have 1000 stores like that , if you are interested please let me know please….

    Dharmendra singh
    +91 9833084766
    Skype – dharmendra1232
    mail me –

    Tan Nakasem

    Hi Brent,
    Congratulations on the project… looks really good!
    I enjoyed a lot watching the first two videos.

    There are amazing stories too in COLOMBIA. I am an Int’l Producer and Fixer based between Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena.

    I am sure we can find really interesting life stories here… from really strong characters.
    Let me think which ones I can find for you.

    My first ideas of people I personally know are: a blind painter, a person who treats street dogs and finds them a home, a politician in Chocó who does everything to find water and food for his small poor town, really interesting captain stories, a music teacher in the middle of the jungle, etc. etc….
    I will keep on thinking, and if you happen to be interested in Colombia, write me back:

    Chad Gray

    Hi Brent I emailed you a few eye-opening ideas out of my package from Russia/ex-USSR. Wecome to contact me. Best, Eugene Zykov

    Yusuf Khurram

    I am based in India and work as fixer,researcher, folk theater educator, stringer, independent documentary film maker and offer personalised travel tour of India for cultural / visual students .
    http://Www.desertarts India. Com
    http://Www.Facebook. com/fixetRajasthan
    Cell +919001709996 (also via WhatsApp & viber)

    George Arif

    Hi Brent,

    Indonesia has a lot of stories to tell with amazing sceneries around the continent.

    The hilly peaks of Berastagi, the majestic Komodo dragon, beautiful smiles of Timorese, the pristine waters of Borneo diving spots, to the contemplating dances of Java.

    We are based in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, so it is more efficient to arrange for permit etc.
    We have worked with some international movie company, eg. United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Singapore.
    We will help you arranging permit/ research/ location/flight/ shoot itinerary/ production crew gathering.

    More showreel about us is avail at

    Contact us anytime thru:
    George Arif
    tel: +6221 3919279
    cell/ iMessage/ whatsapp: +628159943630

    sombo Sombo

    Hi Brent… how can we connect and chat… how about getting connected on Skype

    My id – appleboy_05

    Let me kn ow if we can connect.


    Hello Brent!
    are you interested in musicians also? story of their everyday life and how they have grown to perform in great jazz festivals ? i can send you more info to your mail, it is Saxophonist player from Mexico.

    here is a link to have an idea of what he does:


    Hi Brent,
    My name is Chryssa and I’m writing you on behalf of Need A Fixer, one of the largest team of researchers, fixers, producers and location managers around the world. We offer a high level of professional services at quite competitive prices. We have worked with major TV stations and production companies, which have been highly recommending us to new clients. We are operating all around the world working with passionate professionals eager to secure the success of a production.

    Please feel free to have a look at our website on and don’t hesitate to contact Sofia Panayiotaki, Director of Need A Fixer.
    UK HQ phone number: +44 (0) 20 3302 5560
    UK mobile: +44 777 236 6827
    Thank you for you time.
    Chryssa Panoussiadou

    Hi Brent,

    Hi Cho,

    Don’t rule out Thailand. Not only that we’re famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, we’re also known for its friendly people.

    Send us an email to and we will get back to you immediately.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Benetone Films

    Amanda Ellis

    all the best for your project
    should you need any thing with Himalaya on culture, history or art
    please let me know

    Alex Jones

    Dear Brent ,

    this sounds like a great adventure to me .

    Please don’t rule out CUBA as a possible location . Here are many stories to be told
    and even more characters to be found .

    my contacts :



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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