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  • Murray Ashton

    Numerous production guidelines have now been produced and distributed around the world.
    We would like to hear what you think about your guidelines. Good and bad.
    Will your guidelines increase prep time, production costs and working hours?
    How will they have an impact on location filming in your country, region, state or city?
    Will they mean smaller crews? What about production insurance and completion guarantees?
    What has been missed out? Any creative ideas that you would like to share about how production guidelines could be improved? Anything that could make filming even safer? Perhaps you have produced your own guidelines? We’d love to see them.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    With every good wish,



    The BFC (British Film Commission) guidelines for High End TV and feature films came out on 1st June. They were preceded by guidelines from the APA (commercials) and PACT (everyone else), so now all UK producers know what they can and cannot do.

    We are very glad that some filming is now taking place. At the moment its small scale and tightly controlled. We don’t expect large scale filming to recommence, at least until September or later.

    Filming in cities like London under the new guidelines is going to be a serious problem for crews of any size. Any crew over 25 people will require such a large “exclusive zone” that many locations will be come untenable. Each location will need an adjacent space the size of a tennis court to allow the crew to have sufficient room to “social distance”. If the exclusion zone is on the pavement or street, local councils will probably deny permission because the highway will be blocked.

    Obviously protecting the public is the first priority, we are grateful that the BFC have come up with a plan that councils will accept. Location Managers will have to think very carefully before offering a location to the director. We urge location managers to call us to discuss any potential options at the earliest opportunity.

    Lastly, a lot of people worked very hard to get the guidelines together and approved by all stakeholders. It was a big undertaking, thanks for your efforts – it’s appreciated.

    Daemon Hillin

    We have a New Rulebook for Film Production in Thailand.

    You can check our guide here:

    Overall, we are working within the guidelines put forth by Thailand Government and Ministry of Public Health. The number one priority remains the safety of the production team and of the clients.

    Ghassan Salti

    CoVid-19 Police is an initiative that we ought to have during any production on any location around the world. It is a Police personnel (Entitled CoVid-19 Police) that will monitor and making sure that crews are following all the basic and necessary guidelines to protect themselves and others from the virus. I started this initiative in my own country, Jordan, hoping to become a global initiative
    CoVid-19 Police
    The “CoVid-19 Police” initiative is designed to change film industry norms, behaviors and standards to ensure that all film crew (Local and International) are confident in the cleanliness and safety during film production once travel resumes.

    The “CoVid-19 Police” idea is very similar to traffic police who direct traffic enforcing rules on roads. However, this time it is a person with a medical background (nurse) who monitors crew on location and off location and oversees and supervises the “Crew” from the moment they arrive to specific country, till departure.
    This Law enforcement performance, the “CoVid-19 Police” plays a crucial role in contributing to the effort to control the spread of the Corona disease, not only protecting the crew and promoting safer environment but also:
    – Monitoring the health of our crew at least twice a day and look for any symptoms.
    – Chasing up and supervise the sanitization process for the international crew hotel rooms.
    – Sanitizing Equipment and crew vehicles.
    – Cleaning all “High-Touch” surfaces several times a day.

    Law Enforcement Guidelines
    Here are the main 5 pillars:
    1- Cleaning material supplies: Our “CoVid-19 Police” will make sure that hand sanitizer and alcohol spray dispensers are in the prominent places around the workplace, hotel rooms, crew vehicles and film location. They will make sure these dispensers are regularly refilled.

    2- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Our “CoVid-19 Police” will ensure that face-masks, surgical gloves and paper tissues are available at all above-mentioned workplaces.

    3- Development and implementation of an effective plan to achieve food security:
    Currently no evidence shows that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food, however,
    it’s reasonable to follow general food safety guidelines to make sure food delivery is safe to consume.

    4- Preventing Measures
    • Mask and gloves to be worn at all times
    • Regularly cleaning hands
    • Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) social distance.
    • Avoid going to crowded places.
    • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
    • Covering mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing.
    • To keep our crew up to date on the latest information from trusted sources, such as WHO or
    the local and national health authorities.

    5- Safety First: We encourage our crew (local and Int’l) to be vigilant and follow our advice on
    how to stay safe.

    Wish you a happy and safe shooting

    * * * * * * *

    Algy Sloane

    It is great to finally see the guidelines out and thanks to all who put together. Filming in public areas especially with residents is not going to be as easy as before. Having said that large shoots in congested areas are never easy and hopefully locations will be chosen for logistical reasons not just aesthetics.
    Filming on pavements and streets will become very difficult if we have to adhere to such large controlled areas and I hope we can work through this. We have all had to put so much business on hold so I totally respect the local resident, shop keeper or pedestrian.
    The show must go on so we will muddle through and I trust that councils and location managers will devise a way of making this happen.
    The introduction of more prep time, more location supplies to protect crew and public and new roles on location such as covid supervisors will mean less money for actual location fees. Keeping costs down for filming on public property will be a huge help.

    Cameron Wood

    NEW ZEALAND is open for business.
    There are no active cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand and we are operating, internally, as normal with no restrictions on production.

    There is an increased awareness on social distancing, contact tracing, hygiene and of course, staying home if you feel unwell, but no restrictions on crew size or activity.

    New Zealand has welcomed the arrival of international crew and they are currently required to quarantine for 14 days (in amazing locations, sounds okay right?). This will change in the near future with arrivals from certain countries not requiring quarantine.

    We did indeed go hard and early to control COVID-19 in New Zealand with incredible results. The screen industry prepared extremely thorough guidelines covering all four alert levels. This live, government approved document is often updated in accordance with government regulations. You can find it here:

    The snow has started falling in the alps and we have 2 commercial productions shooting next week in the resort town of Queenstown, multiple commercial productions are currently shooting around other parts of New Zealand and major film productions are back up and running, all without any restrictions.

    New Zealand has jumped on the remote filming technology race with multiple systems available throughout the country, even in areas with no cell phone reception using satellite based systems. Our talented crew can beam our beautiful locations from anywhere in New Zealand to anywhere in the world.

    In the words of one of the most prolific and in demand commercial directors in the world, Mark Toia: ‘Do yourself a favour and go in shoot in Queenstown, it’s my favourite place to shoot in the world’.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you here.

    Kind regards
    Cam Wood

    nzmb/ +64 21 824 271
    skype/ cam-wood

    Jonathan Ramesh Raj

    Hello Murray,

    Hope that you’re keeping safe. We at FilmAsia have created our own COVID-19 Filming Guidelines, titled as “Malaysia | The New Rulebook.

    A PDF copy is downloadable from our website at

    Till then, take good care of yourself and stay safe as always.

    Warmest Regards,
    Jonathan Ramesh Raj,
    Service/Executive Producer,
    +6 012 205 8112

    Bruno Canale

    Hello All,

    In Peru the security protocols were accepted by the government last week. So we had the chance to go over most guidelines from all over the world. I would say the guidelines definitely add prep time, and will probably slow down the shooting process. Nevertheless, all crew is happy to move forward tackling this pandemic. What still is under discussion are the specifics on insurance, as policies have changed. The last measure from the government is that it will cover all COVID treatments. You can check out our guidelines (in spanish) of the APCPP (Commercial Prod. Companies Association) here.

    Basically we can start shooting with minimum crew as big crowd gatherings are still prohibited. This is active until the 31st of July when the state of emergency ends.

    We have an ongoing blog about COVID shooting conditions in our webpage as well.

    Bruno Canale
    Executive Producer
    APU Productions
    +(51) 950920889


    nice post


    Greetings from Finnish Lapland!

    I hope you all are well and safe.

    In Lapland we follow APFI’s (Audiovisual Producers Finland) guidelines. The guidelines are listed in here:

    Finnish guidelines as a whole you can check out from here.

    The covid-19 situation is stable here at he moment and a few film productions has been restarted. The social distancing protocol is easy to execute here in sparsely populated Lapland. Accommodation and all the other support services are also very widely available at he moment.

    Feel free to contact us for further information. Take care and be safe!

    On the behalf of Finnish Lapland Film Commission,

    Tosca Ramberg
    Content creator
    The Finnish Lapland Film Commission (Film commissioner)

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