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Forums Plane interior for print shoot

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  • I require an interior plane location (747/DC10 similar) for a stills shoot in the next two weeks. We will shoot near the window and will need to remove 4-5 rows of seats in order to achieve this. Attached is a reference for the frame we need to achieve.

    Hi Jack

    I’ve located a 747.400 and 747.200 available for a shoot. If you’re interested, please contact me. Thanks

    07570 616570

    Hi try
    SHOOT AVIATION Ltd, TELEPHONE: 0808 192 4387
    Simon O’Connell:
    +44 7525 940 475

    have options avail in BKK if you are interested

    pls email us at


    I write you from Berlin / Germany, we have 2 possibilities to shoot in airplane, close to Berlin.
    Old russian Iljushin IL62 and studio-set.


    Mark Day

    Hi Jack / Murray,

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding an aircraft interior.

    We do have a studio mockup that may well be exactly what you are looking for. It is a cabin interior section based on a typical 767/747. It was initially made for a BA commercial and has the ability to move all the seating around as required as well as sliding blinds. The section shown can be extended if required.

    Please see attached images…

    For further details and availability please call Simon O’Connell: 0808 192 4387

    Rok Ban

    Hi Jack, here in Berlin we have a modern aircraft film set ready to shoot – depending on availability.

    Please do not hesitate to call or email us.

    65,6ft. lenght x 11,5ft. width x 8ft. height

    Seats for 120 passengers (removable)
    Kitchen in the front and in the back
    4 entries and exits
    Docking station Airport/Gangway
    Removable left side of the cabin

    Tom Ehrhardt/ +49 30 4210 5992

    Hi Jack
    There is an aeroplane recycling company at an airfield near me in the West Country, always with a variety of airliners on the tarmac. Give me a ring if you’d like to me find out what they’ve currently got as I’m working in Cardiff at the moment. 07939 042361

    Hi Jack,

    We have the solution in Istanbul, Turkey for you. You can make your own cabin by renting the components needed. It is cheap and efficient. Please get in touch if interested to shoot in Istanbul.

    I hope that helps you.


    Chad Ozturk
    cdozturk (at) gmail (dot) com // chad (at) jaguarposta (dot) com
    France : + 33 (0)6 49 32 07 86
    Turkey : + 90 (0)533 413 97 14
    Spain : + 34 6 75 89 23 39

    Dear Jack
    Aero Mock-Ups has interior airline cabin sets ready to shoot at it’s facility in N. Hollywood, CA.
    For the shot you are discribing, may I suggest our “Set in a box” that rents by the week and comes with your choice of airline seats.
    FYI: The second image is of two “Set in a Box” sets joined together.

    Richard Chan
    Aero Mock-Ups
    888-668-5877 – Toll free

    Nick Peters

    Here’s an option in Bangkok.,Thailand
    for more details and images…Pls contact

    Hi Jack we have different planes on our website available for shoots have a look on and search for airplane or boeing.

    Kind regards Franck
    The Location Bank

    Hi Jack,

    If you want to get some information for a plane mock-up in Spain, I could check with my client (owner of the mock-up) and send you some information. It is in Barcelona, so it could be interesting for you cost wise.

    We would only have to set up one of the walls in a small studio, quite simple.

    Please contact me directly if you want to get information on this option.
    +34 699 903344

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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