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  • Murray Ashton

    What production processes and work flow changes do you you think may come about post Covid-19?

    Will we see an increase in zoom casting and screen tests, extras crowd scenes being replaced by post-production, more e-commerce use for purchasing, on-set masks for all cast and crew?

    It is estimated that the US alone has $30 billion of production, part held up by the virus, some in development and lots of work ahead, but how will it be different?

    We would love to hear your thoughts on what you think production might look like in the future.

    Keep safe and carry on!
    All the best,


    I think productions will start again when the insurance companies deem it’s safe enough to do so, and when location owners feel they are not endangering themselves by allowing crews to work in their properties.

    When productions do come back, I am sure that there will be more attention paid to the environment. As London enjoys cleaner air from the lack of traffic and aircraft, residents will be less tolerant of nasty diesel generators.

    Clare Beresford

    We think that as soon as the film permit offices in California are given the green light to start again that
    many productions will be keen to get working.
    The question is not if but when…

    We have been communicating with clients and Location owners alike and they are all keen to get back to work.
    Sanitisation after using a location and a healthy crew will definitely be a priority.
    Stay safe everyone and let’s get back to work soon

    Mark McKennon

    Here in NYC, productions were once again set to thrive in 2020 for the spring shoot-a-thon. Streaming and non-network viewing may be changing the shooting patterns (I don’t know, is there really a “pilot” season anymore?), budgets, locations, etc. but there was no evident slowdown pre-virus, that’s for sure. More areas of NYC were on the hiatus/hot zone/no production list than any time I can remember, which is a sure signal that productions are, or were, clamoring to shoot here, and had done so in many particular areas.

    Post-virus, the demand may remain the same or similar; all network and streamer outlets will still need content. However, the economy is the X factor. How may that affect the number of productions or the money they will have to spend, or the NYC/NY state tax credits, or many other factors? And it’s not just tax-credit movies and tv shows, but also commercials. They’re often more subject to the shifting winds of agency and client decisions, so some commercial producers might be in for a bloody beating. We shall see. All I know is, for me, in less than 2 weeks a commercial/promo from China and a movie from India waved goodbye to me and U.S., as well (as bad?) as a NYC photo shoot and a part-time job. Bam! The sooner all returns to “normal” (June?) the better. I know we will. We have to. But I think the landscape will have shifted by then.


    Aloha from Hawai’i everyone!
    Hope you all are staying safe, socially distant and healthy.
    I’m wondering what specific technology platforms folks plan to use or have already been using to provide virtual access on set for creatives and clients. We anticipate being able to film here before most folks will be able/willing to travel to the islands, and are trying to prepare accordingly.

    Mirta Jusic

    Here in Croatia we started our lock-down a little bit over three weeks ago. A week into our lock-down I started shooting interviews with people using Zoom. Now, three weeks in, I am already directing people remotely.

    My corporate clients like it, imperfect and glitchy as it is. It is the accurate picture of our lives now: dozens of Zoom meetings every day. 1:1 or 1:100 and more. From simple meetings to live events that were supposed to happen in some fancy hotel, and everything between.

    I think remote client presence, and even remote directing a local crew on the location will become more popular, and I want to use this time to prepare for it, trying to find the right technologies and compare them.

    The trend of shrinking budgets in my other two fields – documentary, factual – has been present for years now. It is to be expected that the budgets will be even smaller after Corona lock-down is over, due to the crisis that will inevitably be fully blown by then, and people will still be afraid to travel to remote countries for a while longer, so I am pretty sure remote client presence will probably become the new normal, as Zoom meetings are now.

    One thing is sure: clients will still want content. That won’t change. The means to get it will.

    I suppose foreign productions will start hiring local producers and crews more and more, as opposed to hiring a local fixer to help the foreign documentary crew around. If it happens, I must admit – I’ll love the new trend.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    Adrian Knight

    Here in Québec I don’t expect us to be back at work in a significant way until at least mid-summer (probably later).

    From a Locations perspective, I anticipate resistance from homeowners and many institutions, and I hope showrunners and screenwriters will have the foresight to NOT write Hospital scenes for some time yet…

    Seriously though, our industry in particular will likely have a tough time adapting; how do we deal with all the physical proximity? Make-Up & Hair, Costumes, Camera. So many departments where proximity is a must. Also catering; how do we tackle that issue?

    Lastly, I think that we need to have a wider and much more serious discussion about the culture of film and television production, and address key issues like work-days (right now too long), workplace health & safety (often just platitudes until the pandemic), etc.

    Please take good care of yourselves and your loved ones.

    Adrian Knight

    Omri Ben Canaan

    Hey Murray,

    following your advice here is the content of the blog post we wrote about hygiene measures we are taking at Baliprod to ensure safety of crew and cast.

    Original post is here.

    PDF downloadable here


    1. Remote management of Pre PPM and PPM meetings for all stakeholders.
    2. All government health alert and public protocols restrictions must be adhered to eg. movement/social distancing restrictions.
    3. All crew and anyone attending shoot, including talent, must provide to the production company producer (prior to the shoot date) a non-disclosure agreement outlining their travel throughout the previous four-week period, prior to the shoot date.
    4. All crew and anyone attending the shoot, including talent, must provide to the production company producer (prior to the shoot date) an NDA outlining any contact with someone who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.
    5. Any crew who have travelled to high risk countries or have been in contact with individual with COVID-19 during that four-week period must not participate on the shoot.
    6. Any shoot attendee who feels unwell prior to the shoot, must contact the production company for replacement.


    7. Q-take system or similar should be utilised to limit numbers on set to manage shoot direction by agency or brand teams remotely.
    8. A certified on-set nurse (or local country equivalent) on set at all times.
    9. All shoot attendees must undergo temperature checks before entering set by the certified on-set nurse. Anyone with a high temperature cannot enter set.
    10. All shoot attendees must undergo temperature checks by the on-set nurse twice a day – morning and after lunch. Crew to be issued an identifier once they pass temperature screening – for instance wearing of a green sticker for clear screening identification. 11. Any shoot attendee who feels unwell during the course of the shoot must immediately report to the on-set nurse who must report to the production company producer.
    12. Be respectful of people’s personal space and avoid hugging, touching or handshakes.
    13. All crew to wear specialised face masks such as N95 respirator masks, throughout the course of shoots – to be provided by production company.
    14. Make-up artists, hair stylist, wardrobe must wear eye protection due to close proximity to talent.
    15. Where possible, talent should undertake their own make-up “minor touch ups” throughout shooting, instead of the make-up artist, to avoid contact with talent’s perspiration.
    16. Catering departments to consider alternate refreshment stands to avoid contact with tea and coffee urns and any other frequent touch points.
    17. Water bottles must be labelled for each crew to avoid cross contamination and only one bottle used by each shoot attendee throughout the course of the shoot.
    18. Camera to be two metres away from talent at all times.


    19. Hand washing and antibacterial solutions to be placed on set and used throughout the shoot by all crew.
    20. When shooting in studio, studios must have undertaken a ‘deep clean’ before and after each shoot. Production companies must obtain validation from studios prior to pre-light or shoot.
    21. Cleaning must be undertaken throughout the shoot day especially in common areas such as wardrobe and make-up rooms.
    22. Bathrooms must be frequently cleaned throughout the course of the shoot.
    23. Boom mic’s only (so voice-to-camera scripts should be reviewed), prior to shooting.
    24. Make-up department to step up cleaning protocols and use single use brushes and applicators. All other equipment must undergo deep cleaning prior and post any shoot.
    25. Hair extensions must undergo deep cleaning before and after any application.
    26. Standby props to step up hygiene practices.
    27. Art department must step up cleaning of props and surfaces throughout the shoot and between takes.
    28. Product consumption shots must undergo a step up in hygiene practices.
    29. Catering departments must step up their food safety hygiene practices.
    30. Vehicle hire for crew and talent must undergo deep cleaning prior to shoot hire.
    31. Vehicle drivers must follow protocols of temperature checks outlined in points 9 and 10.
    32. Key crew such as camera department must have ‘pocket’ hand sanitisers to be applied frequently.
    33. Wardrobe must be certified to have undergone deep cleaning before and after shoots.
    34. When coughing or sneezing, please follow the advice below.
    35. Production companies to provide each shoot attendee a packet of tissues for this purpose. Dispose of tissues immediately into bins.
    36. Waste management removal must be carried out frequently, throughout the shoot.
    37. These guidance messages should be posted on the shoot location in bathrooms, make-up room, wardrobe, etc…


    Whilst the above list attempts to be fully comprehensive, we acknowledge good guidance and common sense must be applied and utilise other sources of advice on this such as the World Health Organisation website:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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