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Forums Pre-Production Forum  Production Service in Northern Africa?

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  • Hi! We are a swedish Production Company about to go to Northern Africa to shoot a commercial. We have mainly considered Morocco but even Egypt or other countries might be interesting (as well as for locations anyhow) for this job. Would like to be recommended some production companies to turn too since I´ve never shot before in those regions. Also, equipment – what´s to expect? develop? negatives? customs… Is any country easier or harder to work in than any other etc If any one has any information they´d like to give away… It would be appreciated! Thanks,



    Rocio Ulloa


    If you can be a lttle more specific then we can give you our recommendation. What do you plan to shoot?


    Vitus Jiriva

    Greetings !!

    Are you looking for desert locations ??

    Have you considered Namibia ??

    Kind regards

    Rick Matthews ( Big Banana Films / Sidewinder Films )
    Tel : 0027 82 443 6307
    Email : or

    Noha Morgan

    Hi there, I have to agree with Rick Matthews if you are looking for desert locations to place to consider is Namabia…the Namib desert.
    Bye Frank Perold –
    27 82 576 0044

    I agree with all the above – we would need more details – but if you are looking further afield, then Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar have much to offer in terms of film locations – yes, we do have sand dunes, camels, a coastline with centuries of Arabic influence and people. It’s also cheap to film here.

    Ginger Ink, Nairobi, Kenya
    Tel: +254 20 3875731/+ 254 722 517705

    Video Cairo Sat, would be very happy to assist you on the project. VCS can offer a wide range of services and facilities and I’m sure with our extensive experience in the television production field, we can offer the your company all the services they need,

    Services include:

    Equipment Rental
    Location Scouting and Research
    Experienced Cameracrews,
    Editing Facilities,
    Production Teams,
    Developing Negatives
    Directors and assistant directors
    Full set design
    Arrange for full transportation and accommodation
    Issuing all necessary filming permissions.
    we can assist you with ideas, suggested locations and facilities.

    I hope this has given you an idea about our work, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us for any inquiries.

    Best Regards
    Noha Morgan
    VCS Production Department
    Tel: 002 02 5748941/2/3
    Fax: 002 02 5757016
    Mobile: 002 010 6678465
    or Email us on

    Roland Chang

    Hi Henrik ,

    I run a service production company since 1993 in Moroccco. Morocco is the easiest country to shoot in Northern Africa. Besides fine camera equipment you can find grip- and light equipment in Casablanca and/or in Marrakech. Crew is to find in Morocco, although I would always suggest to bring in keypeople, like gaffer, key grip and focus puller.

    Permits : to do an official demand and they have to be authorized in Rabat : You do not need a CarnetAT, but it helps to save time.

    Morocco’s location are fine for mountainroads, desert (sand and stone desert ), plain fields, and if you look for Moorish architectures. You also have 12 to 14 hours sunlight. Accomodations: 5stars hotels. Transports are done by climatized Minibusses and jeeps, depends which terrain you have to go to reach the locations. If you jou need any location pic, please let me know.

    Best regards, Ines Stephan

    Roland Chang

    Dear Henrik, I also worked and shot tvc and documetaries in Egypt, Tunesia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger , Burkina Faso and Libia. I lived in North Africa and I shoot there since 1989. Egypt is very fine to work there too.
    Best again, Ines Stephan

    we are a production /location services company based and run by the best crew in morocco,we provide loction scout and managment,crew, lights and grip equipments, dolly and crane,we have the the largest location database in morocco, we have good credit with swedish film producer and director.
    Mobile + 212 68 49 13 40
    Office + 212 37 26 41 96

    Rory Sales

    Hiya Hendrik – although we’re based in Southern Africa, and whilst I’m not aware of what locations you’re looking for, it’s not for nothing that we’re known as the ‘world in one country’ – we’re able to offer you a selection of locations that’ll meet virtually any brief, with levels of service, expertise and equipment that would equal if not exceed most expections! Via our extensive in-house research department we’d be very happy to investigate and put forward proposals for this, and any other project – it won’t cost you anything, and would hopefully provide you with solutions you hadn’t possibly considered! Regards Oliver Nurock/ Reel Africa/

    Saumil Patel

    Hey Henik

    This is Ayman Naguib poducer from Framewok film poductions we are a commecials based poduction house and we host foeign poductions to be shot in Egypt.
    As for the equipment you should expect the same equipment you work with in Europe fo the 35mm ( I have done productions in Itally Spain Greece Romania etc) and we have good developing 2 labs and a classic Davenchy Ursa diamond telecine
    give us a shout and w’ll give u all the details u want
    Ayman (

    Joanna Hos

    Dear Henrik, what do you need as locations, deserts or other landscapes? Our company work in Tunisa and we have links in Egypt, Dubai, and other countries. In order to try to be helpfull, It will be easier if you send us some details, like the locations needed, and an idea about the script of the commercial and some technical details like if you want to shoot in 35mm or 16mm. Regards , Dany – Upside Down Production

    Joanna Hos

    You can contact us on: or on and please feel free to call me on my mobile phone: +961.3242170

    Dany Dagher
    Upside Down Production

    Hi Henrik,

    Sam Dhillon DOP/Producer based in Kenya. Like Ginger says, please let us know exactly what locations you are looking for and we can get back to you with options. Kenya has a very well developed film/tv industry and some smashing locations to be found around East Africa in general.
    Tel: +254-20-4447518 Cell: +254-722-701130

    Hi There. Tanzania is a very easy country to work in – very little “red tape”. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will find it. Peter Jones, Tanganyika Film & Safari Outfitters. Mobile number +255 744 293387

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)

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