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Forums Pre-Production Forum Pros and Cons of shooting in Colombia??

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  • If anyone has experience of shooting in Colombia I would like to hear the pros and cons please. Thank you.

    Cynde Harmon

    I am Luis Lago a Cuban producer, I would like to know about your project and show you some locations photos and the facilities of shoot in Cuba.
    Luis Lago

    Bimal Shah

    My father shot Love in the time of Cholera and we saw your post here a few things that he thought he could pass on to you:

    Hard to get stuff at short notice, you need to bring practically everything in.
    Very humid for international crew.
    Not dangerous though.
    Very cooperative with filming, can do almost all things you will need to.
    Quite inexperienced crew. Although in Bogota there are some excellent electricians and grips, very hardworking.
    Beatiful locations.
    Cheap to shoot though.
    Shooting away from Bogota you have to travel everything and everyone.

    In general though he had a good experience working there.

    Hope that is hepful.



    Hi… I´m a producer here in Colombia. Outside Bogotá, the problem could be unexperience crew and difficult to find some equipment, but in Bogota, medellín and Cali (3 main cities), you´ll find from the basic cameras or audio to the latest 35mm, HD etc… the same for audio, lights.
    Shooting in most part of the country is safe, but you need to know that also there are very dangerous places, so better ask the police or the army if you want to shoot in the country side or even in some parts of the cities.
    It´s cheaper than countries like Mexico o Argentina, and also hotels, transport and food could be really cheap.
    If you need city permits, better ask them with some anticipation, otherwise coud be a real pain to get them.
    If you have any particular question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    We shoot one doc 4 years ago with small crew .. Everything worked well even in Amazon region . People are friendly. We have been warned for Bogata but no incident..
    Happy Trails ..

    Production in Colombia is booming. Colombo Films is Colombia’s top production house, producing excellent, award winning work on a domestic and international level. We have now launched our PRODUCTION SERVICES department, providing the top service in the region. for more information please contact me: and check out our site


    Jamie Riggs

    Hi Elaine,

    I’m a spanish line producer. I’ve shot in Colombia years ago and know well the country because my wife is from Medellin. I had a good experience shooting a commercial. I found a very proffesional crew. You have to take some precautions depending where you go but is not as dangerous as people think. I have traveled many times and didn’t have any problem. Anyway if you need some more information let me know

    Néstor Caño
    Freelance Line producer

    I visited Colombia briefly in 2009 and last year almost went back for a docudrama shoot. In the research process I spoke to many people, from Colombia and others who filmed there recently, including a big US TV show. My hunch is they need to get more experience in certain areas. It feels like their industry still needs time to progress from from a home grown one to an international first class servicing industry. However EVERYONE I spoke to who filmed in Colombia only had words of praise of their work experiences there. Also when I was there I was amazed at how friendly everyone was and how appreciative they seemed to be with the basic fact that a foreigner was visiting their country without the usual prejudices. I also met several Colombian producers in Cannes last year and they all seem to be very switched on. I hope to return very soon this year for a further probe.
    The only negative story I heard was of an English PM who once (I think this was at least 5 years ago) got kidnapped from the city. But it was all smooth (whatever that means!) and he was released 3 days later after a ransom was paid. Suspicions laid on the a leak from the insurance firm that issued a kidnap policy. So maybe its best to avoid such a policy if you can!
    I hope this helps.


    I run the production services branch of Colombia’s top production house, COLOMBO FILMS. We can provide full services at every level of production and have a solid infrastructure that will meet any of your production needs.

    We have been voted the best production house in Colombia for the past 5 years by P&M Magazine, and have received numerous local and international awards in creative advertisement and Film, including the Official Selection at the Cannes Critic Week in 2009.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for location photos or with a script and I can start working the numbers to show you just how convenient and beneficial it is to shoot in Colombia! (not to mention FUN!)

    Let me know!!

    Virginia Cooney

    Hello Elaine.
    My name is Warren Keuning, I am the owner and founder of Tribu Int. Colombia’s pioneer international production services company. ( ).
    I invite you check out our web site as I feel that our reel and client list speaks for its self. I will gladly supply you with the contact details of any of our previous clients so you may and ask them how they felt in Colombia concerning the safety situation and perhaps any other queries you have about our country and company. Our client list includes: Diesel, Guinness, Specsavers, Timberland, Powerade, Visa, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Pepsi, Sony, Heineken, Coors light, Porsche… (and many more)
    Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you (
    Kind regards.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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