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Forums road with snow in mid of september

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  • Hello,
    I am looking for a road with snow and trees to shoot in the mid of september.
    the road should be quite long cause i have a driving shot to perform with a car from an helicopter pov
    I am attaching you a couple of pics as reference

    Dear Claudio;
    During winter (June to end of September) in the south of Chile you can find a lot of locations with roads full of snow.
    Please contact us visiting our website: to find more information or to contact us.
    I am sending you some pics according to your request.


    Raimundo Alemparte
    Location & Information Manager

    Kasie Moore

    Hello Claudio

    Here I´m sending you some reference pictures from a road with snow in the south of Chile, about 400 Km. from Santiago. We still have to do a more precise scouting to find the right Location. I would like help you in any way I can. Let me know if you need anything, we can talk on skype if you want.

    Best regards,
    Pablo del Rio Larraín
    Tel/Fax. 56 2 9263680
    Cell Phone. 56 9 77047285
    Skype: pablodelrio1007

    Delroy Dixon

    Hello Claudio,

    Despite what the other two posts from Chile seem to indicate, the middle of September is a bit late to get the snow conditions you’re looking for in the South of Chile. Some years the snow lasts that long, but so far this year we haven’t gotten enough snow to be very confident about it. Completely depends on the weather from here out.

    There are a few locations that will have some snow, but usually the roads and trees are clear by that time. You would have to leave in generous amounts of snow dressing to get the looks you’re after.

    Cheers, Bud

    Bud Theisen
    Straightforward Films
    cel. +5699-818-2067
    skype: budtheisen
    iChat: bud.theisen

    Hi Claudio …
    hope you would love to shoot in india.because its very very cost effecting compare to any other place in all over the world. we would love to assist you here for everything 24/7
    please have a look some of reference picture

    Best Regards
    Dharmendra singh
    +91 9833084766
    Skype :- dharmendra1232
    mail me –

    Claire Kelly

    Hi Claudio,

    You could consider the South Island of New Zealand, there is still snow at height near Queenstown and trees can be dressed in. Please get in touch if you wish to see any photos. There is a location which has lots of roads and easy for aerial shots.

    Altough the weather forecast promised snow in Northern Finland next week, I think you have to stick with Southern hemisphere. Usually the ground is white in November in Northern Finland. Jan-Feb in the South. More info about Finland:,

    FAVEX – Finnish Film & Audiovisual Export

    Hey Claudio.
    If you are still looking for this location, this season, it has been dumping, and is still snowing in the Snowy Mountains in Australia. Forecasts predict snowfall till mid september.

    We would be happy to send you location references if you require.
    Kind regards
    Luscious International – Australia

    Kit Fraser

    Did you find a location, try the Dempster Highway, NT we had lots of snow a couple of weeks ago and it is just starting.


    John Duffy


    my name is ahmet and I am the location manager of pozitif film istanbul
    if you interested still, we will suggest turkey.

    You can find some pic about it.

    thanx a lot

    all my best

    John Duffy


    my name is ahmet and I am the location manager of pozitif film istanbul
    if you interested still, we will suggest turkey.

    You can find some pic about it.

    thanx a lot

    all my best

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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