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  • Miriam Cooke

    We’re searching some locations in central/south America or Caribbean. We need lagoon, white beaches, palm trees, air roots (I am not sure how to call them…Tarzan swings in it ;-) you know what I mean? ), not to clean but Jamaican like / Cuba like, Brazil like, Caribbean like … A raft made of straw or a little hut made of straw, both not to clean! I think Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica … Any suggestion will be welcome . Please email me at
    Thanks for your help and best regards.

    Del Crooks

    Send me an e-mail address and I will send you some pics of Jamaica. I think that we have the perfect locations for you
    N. Thompson
    Cinecom Productions


    We are have offices in Argentina and Costa Rica (and NY), and regularly shoot all over South America and Caribbean. We’d love to help.
    Let me know and I will put together some photos.
    Ivan Entel
    EP/Red Creek Production

    Hola Daniel,
    Si me envias mas información sobre las locaciones que buscas, es posible que te pueda ayudar. las necesitas para comercial o película, en que época del año?, Todo en la misma región geográfica?
    En México puedes encontrarlas. Como tip, checa Panamá también. Me encantaron tus perros. Tengo una Basset y tus fotos me la recordaron.
    Saludos, GBxx

    John Varner

    We are located on the lush caribbean island of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic). We have everthing you are looking for:
    Pristine white beaches with no hotels, lush green oceanic rainforests with lianas (tarzan tree roots) and nothing to sting or bite your cast.
    we have a tribe of original Carib Indians (the last in the Caribbean) who build traditional grass huts and rafts . Lagoons, swamps -it’s the entire tropics on one island without anything dangerous to worry about and it’s easy to get here
    Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & # was shot here last year.
    Contact me, at Island Locations, I’ll send some photos and more info.

    Have you considered locations in the Indian Ocean? Away from tropical storms? And within easy reach of South Africa’s professional services? Maritius, Mozambique, Tanzania etc
    If this peaks your interest, drop me a mail, I can put it all together. Have a look at our web for more info on us. Look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes from sunny Cape Town.

    Give Panama a look. We can help you. We have all you need. Great transportation system, modern cityand superb entertainment for your off shhoting time. Professional bilingual crews. Good prices. “Taylor of Panama”, “Basic”, “End of the Spear” films and many TV programs shot here recently. US Dollar currency. No hurracaines.
    Frank Pereira

    Check with Gaby Barraza at TPO-Mexico.
    5255 54098880 mobile or 5255 56691538 office.
    All Tarzan movies & series were shot in Mexico.

    Miriam Cooke

    Hi there, thanks to everybody ;D I’ve received everything. It all looks so beautiful !!! Clients must to decide in the next 2 weeks, I will let you know when the client and agency decides, not early October, I will have no news until then. Many many thanks … all my best

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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