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Forums Seeking Locations in Latin America for filming February 2014

This topic contains 17 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Kim Leong 7 years, 8 months ago.

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  • Kim Leong

    I am looking for two or three locations in Latin America for a film I am directing called Tangerine Skies. I posted in this forum last summer, but we had to reschedule the filming for February 2014 and update the locations we need for the film.

    The film is a fictional story, but it is inspired by actual events. It is about a couple who will go on the greatest treasure hunt in history. The treasure to be found is rumored to be so powerful that it can eliminate poverty permanently and overturn the world’s power structure (who is in control of the world’s economies and power), but they will battle dark forces who will try to stop them.

    The hunt will start in the Americas (1st Tangerine Skies movie) and will move internationally (in the sequel). This is an adventure movie, which will involve stunts but no explosions. Stunts include horseback riding,hiking near a volcano and mountains two choreographed fight scenes (grappling, some MMA, being thrown in a very shallow natural pool/waterfall pond), and three choreographed dance performances.

    We are especially interested in Costa Rica and Belize, or Ecuador and Argentina, and/or Brazil. I would like to choose two or three cities or towns from either one of these countries or two (no more than two countries). Below are the details of what kind of locations I am looking for.

    1. Volcano location. (where the lead characters and two supporting actors will be hiking as part of the treasure hunt. The volcano must be near a resort hotel).

    2. Either a rainforest or botanical gardens that offer waterfalls, walking trails, and possibly caves. (this is for the treasure hunt scenes and fight scene).

    3. Gorgeous beaches with palm trees and blue or crystal color water.

    4. A major city, which has brand name luxury shops, especially “brand name” jewelry shops like Cartier, great restaurants, and art galleries of modern art.

    5. A city or town that has maintained its historical architecture, very charming place where you can get lost in its authentic surroundings. A town like Quito (Ecuador) would be great…since that city has maintained its historical architecture, has renovated some of their buildings to become hotels like Casa San Marcos

    You can see our home page here
    and a preview video of the film’s story here:

    If you offer services in helping filmmakers secure locations, gathering local film crews,and helping us comply with permits….please let us know who you are and your website. You can send us more information on your costs to our email address at

    Merri Christi

    Alex Jones

    Good Morning from Habana,Cuba .

    Cuba does offer most of the locations you are looking for . The only thing we can’t offer would be the Volcano . If you think Cuba could be one of the two Countries you would consider to shoot in please send me a quick Email and i will send you more info .

    best regards

    Frank Vervoorst
    +535 2645290

    neil cray


    Dominican Republic has it all!

    At Cinefilms®, we provide great locations and excellent production support services. Please take a couple of minutes to check our DR links so you can see all the great locations we can provide.

    links are at the signature of this letter.

    kind regards,

    Angel P. Puello
    Cel: (809) 438-8449
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Penny Skuse

    Hello Merri

    Please take a look at our website.
    We are based in NY, Buenos Aires and Costa Rica.
    As far as I can see, Costa Rica has most of it, pretty close, good access, technicians, etc.
    Old colonial town could be Granada in Nicaragua, where we can play as locals too.

    Please keep me posted, so I can help you further. Do you already has a breakdown?

    Best regards

    Rafael Chinchilla

    Hello Merri!
    You can find most of the landscapes you are loking for in Buenos Aires and Argentina!
    I already wrote to you from the Buenos Aires Film Commission official mailbox, let me know if I can be of any further assistance!

    Buenos Aires Film Commission
    Dirección General de Industrias Creativas
    Ministerio de Desarrollo Económico
    Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
    +54 11 4535 2000/1 (int.:109)

    Cona Casares

    Hi Merri
    I’m Cona, Executive producer from MondoCine, Argentina.
    I just sent you an email with some reccomendations.
    I hope they work for you, let me know whatever else you need.

    Best Regards,


    Cona Casares
    Mondo Executive Producer
    Buenos Aires – Argentina
    Skype: mondocona

    Hello Merri
    Mexico has EVERYTHING you are after.
    Volcanos in Colima, Chiapas and Puebla
    Rainforests with pools and waterfalls, best in Chiapas but also in Quintana Roo.
    Fabulous beaches (blue water) in Quintana Roo (Yucatan Peninsular)
    Major City with high end shops (Polanco, Mexico City)
    City with historic buildings (Merida in Yucatan and Valladollid, Quintana Roo)

    Please see

    As well as scouting we can help you with permits, crew, gear etc… in fact everything you might need.

    Hola Merri,
    You can get this location in Mexico too, but if you want to shoot in Belize, Costa Rica or any place in Central or South America. I can help.
    Best Wishes
    Francisco Torregrosa

    Jupe Louhelainen

    Hi Merri,

    We just send you note via email that contains a reply to your notes along with a link that contains images of tentative locations for your project.

    For more information of us and Costa Rica please visit our web page:

    We are looking forward to hear from you!!


    Kim Leong

    Thank you everyone! Everyone who sent me an email proposal, I have read through most of them and will continue reviewing them this weekend. For those who haven’t sent one to me, I am looking at your posts here on Location Guide as well.

    Dear Merri,

    We specialize in Mexico, Central America, Brazil & Uruguay.

    The south of Mexico border with Belize and Guatemala covers all the locations you are looking for.

    We offer you local crew with international experience for film, permits, equipment and reasonable rates.

    Please contact us:

    We will be happy to hear from you.

    Victorious Productions
    P: + 52.1.999.278.4303

    Kim Leong

    Hey Rafael! I will view your website at Red Creek Productions this weekend. Thank you!

    Hi Merry
    Here mi contact data

    Argentina Location Manager
    Scout & fix locations


    Dear Merri

    We have both the volcanoe locations and the rainforest locations in Peru. Let us know if you want any further locattion info.

    Bruno Canale
    APU Productions


    I would be happy to assist you in your production. My name is Sergio Miranda. Please see my website at

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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