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Forums Shooting in the Havana, Cuba

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  • To whom it may concern,

    We are a small crew preparing for an upcoming fashion photo shoot at the end of July. We are looking for a local production company in Havana, Cuba who could support us with permits, locations, small casting, production logistics and coordination.

    This will be a week-long shoot. We would like to receive any information and rates you may have available

    Please feel free to contact me for more details and if you have any questions.

    Best regards
    Andrew Smith.

    Sue Elliott

    Hi Andrew,

    In response to your request on the location guide forum,we at Bay Vista would be very happy to help you with your Photo shoot project in Cuba.

    Should you send me a rough guide of your needs we would come back to you with a first estimate budget within 24hours.

    Do not hesitate to call me at the following number,should you need some first general information about Cuba.

    Antoine Sabarros
    Line Producer Bay Vista
    tel:+33 611 541 358

    Best regards,
    Antoine Sabarros

    Hi Andrew,

    I write the following to give you a brief idea on what to expect from and in Cuba.

    In order to work in Cuba on a photo or film shoot you need a work visa, a so called accreditation. We apply for and get it for you, therefore we need passport scans of the main working persons and later on lists of the stuff and equipment you will bring into the country. Similar to a carnet, but Cuba is no carnet country. Foreign models do not require a work visa. It is risky not to enter the country with a proper permission. The Cuban customs are very keen about high tech equipment or clothes in bigger quantities entering the Island. It worked with editorial shootings though, but again … rather do not do it.

    The above mentioned permits, work visa, temporary admission of all your equipment and styling material is part of our services. And parts of the partnership we have with the Cuban TV Institute or let´s say with the official Cuban side. You cannot shoot or enter into Cuba without a permit.

    Everybody in Cuba needs a legal Cuban partner. We are foreigners as all other production companies are foreigners. There are several reasons like language barriers, incompetence by the Cubans themselves to handle foreign crews and demands and a general lack of int´l experience (which isn´t necessarily their fault…), just to name a few. Nonetheless it is fun to work with Cubans, Cuban crews are motivated and very professional.

    I need 2-3 weeks (rather 2 than 3 but you have to be quick with the passport scans) for the work visa, see the comments above. I´ll send over locations and –if needed- model references, Cuba is NOT model paradise, the good talents go away and stay their good years abroad, the new talents are often so-so, and many do not speak English. The rest isn´t terrible either, there is always a handful of good and motivated ones around.

    Ask a lot of questions now, it is good to know everything in the beginning.
    I can send you a selected forlder with havana´s 100 best, these are Cuba impressions that I just chose for the re-launch of our website. Send me your email address.

    Kind regards


    Astra Taylor

    I have done a couple of jobbs in Havana with Havana Pictures. Nice people, good hard working crew

    I don’t have their web address but send an e-mail to Sergio for more information.

    Best regards

    Niclas Peyron
    Ah! Mister Peyron

    Alex Jones

    Dear Andrew , good morning from Habana . I am based here in Habana since more then 17 years now providing production service to all kind of crews and jobs . I would like to be part of your crew and assist you with all the needed permits and locations here in Cuba . Please send me an email to or call me at +535 2645290 and we will go from there . best regards

    +535 2645290

    Hi Andrew,

    Island Film has supported hundreds of Print & Film crews over the last 18 years. We have a vast experience arranging all sort of audiovisual projects all over the island and we’ll be pleased to collaborate with you.

    We have an in-house Travel Agency, so we can offer you hotel rooms in any hotel of the city at great fees.

    We can take care of all needed Procedures and Permits to guarantee a nice stay & work in Cuba.

    If you could share with us few more details I will be able to send you ballpark and location & cast reference pictures.


    Nelson Navarro Navarro
    Executive Producer
    Island Film S.A
    Calle 36 No. 320 entre 3era y 5ta. Apto 005
    Residencial Sevilla. Miramar
    La Habana – Cuba
    Cel.: +53 5 2631639
    Te.: +53 7 2144700
    +53 7 2144701
    skype: navarronavarronelson

    Gera Ho

    Hi Andrew
    Welcome to Havana Pictures. Please send us your needs and we will accompany you on your project from start to finish. We have 20 years experience in Cuba.
    We expect your news.
    Best regards
    Sergio Domenech
    Havana Pictures
    +53 5 2781096

    Tom Wiesner

    Hi there Dear Andrew

    I just saw your post and wanted to response.I have shot a music video and doc in Havana and in Varadero,Cuba last summer.
    I have worked with Chris,and Odallys as production manager.They are very nice people and hard working.I dont know your project requirements but i can strongly recommend them.No doubt that you will get what you want.I can give their contact details if you want also.Have a nice shooting and enjoy Habana!

    Kind Regards,

    Serhan Nasirli

    Thanks to all who replied to our post regarding the upcoming fashion photo shoot in Havana at the end of July. We will be sending an email with more information about the project to all of you individually and requesting your quotes. If you have not already provided an email address, please contact me at

    Best regards,
    Andrew Smith

    I recently worked with a company that operates in NY, Playa del carmen and Havana. You can check their site:

    Cona Casares

    Hi Andrew
    I’ve worked in the past in Havana with Chris Bengsch from and I strictly recommend him and his crew.
    Good luck in beautiful Havana!


    Cona Casares
    Mondo Executive Producer
    Buenos Aires – Argentina

    Ann Hernandez

    Hi Andrew. My name is Berthold Meltz. I live in Puerto Rico. Please let me know what
    locations are you looking for your shoot. My company, EC Productions is interested in providing you with everything you need. This past weekend we finished shooting a corporate video for a very important pharmaceutical company based in the USA.
    We have given production service support for the following fashion photographers lately: Michael Thompson, Ryan McGinley, Terry Richardson, Anthony Mandler. Clients: Stella McCartney-London (supermodel Kate Moss); Porter Magazine-London (supermodel Joan Smalls); H&M (Model Isabeli Fontana); Nike 2016 Summer Olympic Games International Campaign, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Levis Jeans, Cubavera-Perry Ellis, Rocawear, White House-Black Market, Vanity Fair, W-Magazine, Converse USA (with 7 NBA Superstars including Dwaney Wade), Visa Canada Trust Bank and others. We cater big names and small crews. Please contact me at 1+787-649-3790 or at . If you need locations photos please send me your email. Regards.

    Ann Hernandez

    Hi Andrew. Berthold Meltz In Puerto Rico. We are a US territory, thus if you are coming from the US you do not need a visa or passport to get to PR. We deal in $US Dollars, while Cuba deals in Euros. We can get you old looking locations as La Habana, modern architectute,2 spanish fortress biggest than Habana’s El Morro, beaches with palm tress and without palm trees and many others in the San Juan metropolitan area. At one hour from San Juan we can get you small deserted islands, a rainforest, rocky beaches, waterfalls etc., etc.. We can provide you with still photographers equipment as well as the latest film grip and lighting equipment, RV’s, casting and many others. If you need more information do not hesitate to contact me at: 1+787-649-3790 or at

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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