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Forums Pre-Production Forum Silly games people play….

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  • I’ve been asked to short list a game people play around the world.
    It will be shot live andd edited to be a series of a TVC.
    It could be a part of a festival, may be…
    One I know is “Cheese Rolling” in Gloucestershire in UK or this Italian “Wine Barrel Chase”.
    We aree not looking for a major one like Spanish Bull racing or Tomato throwing one.
    Something silly and something funny….
    can anyone help?

    Justin Quah

    Hi San,

    I suggest you see where you will not only find a list of weird competitions but also the venues and dates. These include: a furniture race in Montana, a mud run, fruit cake toss, international water tasting competition and a matso ball eating contest to name just a few. Also check out the following crazy competitions in Australia including: The Henley-on-Todd Regatta in Alice Springs, a boat race with no water, the Darwin beer can regatta with 22,000 spectators, the Scotand Island 500 in Sydney, a 500m aquatic (swim) dog race and the Australian Gum Leaf Blowing Championships. I hope that helps. Sounds like it is going to be a fun shoot! Isabelle

    peter oxley

    I suggest you check out Benedict de Vay, the author of the Eccentic books series:
    Eccentric America – including the nude olympics
    Eccentric London
    Eccentric France – including world tripe eating contest
    Eccentric Oxford and Eccentric Britain
    Also take a look at the following website:
    I hope that is of help. Happy shooting!

    Hi San,

    it’s Juha from Woodpecker. What we didn’t dare to tell you last time is that our country is packed with all of this.

    Mosquito killing, wife carrying, swamp football…you name it. Give us a call later on, we’ll try to reach you as well.



    1. “Silly Games” during the armenian weddings
    After a great Armenian wedding party we have a game called “Kokh”
    The explaination: the father in law and mother in law start a fight, and it lasts until one of the fighters puts the other on their back.

    2. “Silly games” children play at school
    It’s called “yubka barcacnoci” (pulling up of skirts)
    The explaination: Boys are trying to pull up girls skirts and the boy who pulls up the most skirts is the winner.
    Note: Puppils were playing that game until 1995 but it is still remembered by many people.

    3. “Silly games” children play in yard
    It’s called “Chlotsi”
    The explaination: If there are more than 7 kids they choose one and take from him something. They are then doing everything not to allow this child to take back his thing. The other children stand around and pass the object to each other but never touch the other children with their hands.

    Note: The same game could be played with a ball.

    4. “Silly game” everybody plays in our country.
    It’s called “Xabelu or” ( the day of lying)
    The explaination: Every year on 1st of April, when you meet someone you need to lie to them as there is no truth at that day.
    The game is interesting because everybody knows about that and very often has the chance to catch someone out!.

    Enis Riza

    Dear San,
    There is oil wrestling, camel wrestling and a game called “cirit” in Turkey, which is played on horse back. These may be interesting for you.
    Eris Akman

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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