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Forums Snowy location needed (worlwide) in August w/ forests/cabins/mountains

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  • Shawna Burch


    A client of mine is looking to do a 7 day shoot in August for a winter catalog that requires a snowy, wintery location with the feel of a Scandanavian mountain/forest/small village. I’ve posted some reference images below.

    Preferably in Western Europe or North/South America.

    Some pictures, info on exact locations (for example: ____, Argentina as opposed to just Argentina), and local-production recommendations would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Hello Zach,
    I’m thinking about Argentina and Chile, but need to check what’s the best for the project.
    Please share with me your Email in order to send you some location proposals with more details.

    Pancho Casagrande

    Hi Zach
    I am Fixer in Argentina
    Here are the best options and costs cheaper this year
    August is ideal for shooting snow in our locations month.
    If you are interested in this area you can write me with your notes.

    You can read an interview I did for The Location Guide

    You can also view my channel on Youtube with some productions I worked on

    kind regards

    Location Manager / Fixer
    0381-154 56 35 38 N.O.A
    ##54 9381 456 3538 Outside Argentina
    Skype. panchocasagrande

    nota. tené en cuenta el medioambiente antes de imprimir este mail

    Anna Lewis

    Dear Zach,

    Greetings from Film Commission Chile.
    We have beautiful locations that may adjust at what you need.

    Regarding your references, we can recommend you to take a look at Puerto Natales.
    This city is located at the south of Chile, surrounded of mountains and lakes.

    Please see more details here:

    and here:

    Other options are Pucón, Coyhaique or Punta Arenas. All of them located in the amazing south of Chile.

    Let us know if you want further information:

    All best,

    Film Commission Chile.

    Nic Leggett

    Hello Zach!

    I believe Bariloche is a sure bet for you to take. We have one of the best profiles for snow productions in the world thanks to the level of accesibility to locations and service infraestructure.

    We serve important commercial productions every winter, and August is indeed to sweet spot for the kind of setting you are looking for. We can offer a variety of coastal and fjord-like locations with forests and snow only minutes away from the hotel and even downtown Bariloche, plus other smaller localities in the area.

    You can step off the airplane and start scouting right away thanks to our international airport, only two hours from Buenos Aires.

    Hope this is useful! Please check:

    Cona Casares

    Hello Zach
    As many others here I recommend Argentina and/or Chile.
    August is snow high season in both countries and The Andes are a perfect landscape for what you’re looking for. As well as Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.

    Our company has a big experience in this kind of projects, you can check our portfolio in our website.

    Do not hesitate in contacting us for more information

    Best Regards

    Cona Casares

    Mondo Executive Producer
    Buenos Aires – Argentina
    skype: mondocona

    Cona Casares

    Hi Zach
    Attached are some more pics from Ushuaia, Argentina

    Best Regards,


    Mondo Executive Producer
    Buenos Aires – Argentina
    skype: mondocona

    Hadad Felix

    My name is Felix Hadad based in Chile and Argentina, please send me your mail to to send a full report in pdf on places we have snow in Chile and Argentina, Greetings

    Hi again,
    Caviahue-Copahue in Neuquén (Argentina) seems to be the perfect place regarding snow, lake, trees, houses. Attached some refs. As I mentioned before, depending on the script needs it may be other options to check.
    The production company will be, we’ve shot there before and can guaranty a reliable production service.
    If you want to move forward please Email me to:
    Waiting to receive your feedback,

    Cona Casares

    Hi Zach
    Attached are some pics from some options in Chile.
    Check them out



    Mondo Executive Producer
    Buenos Aires – Argentina
    skype: mondocona

    Here some additional option from Argentina, Bariloche area (check the one I did previously upload from Caviahue-Copahue in Neuquén).

    The production company will be, we’ve shot there before and can guaranty a reliable production service.

    If you want to move forward please Email me to:
    Waiting to receive your feedback,

    Zach your request could be resolved in Chile , pls contact me , I have people in the south of Chile with up to date status for the snow and available to scout and deliver fresh information and photos.

    best regards

    Hi Zach,

    My name is Max and I run Chile fixer. Chile is the prefect country to do your shoot in relation of locations / logistics and production cost. Please write me an email to and I will be more glad to provide you a full research, location information and everything you need.
    Have a lovely day,

    Anurag S

    Hi You can see location of Nepal as for you requirement and low cost: Location name: Manang and Mustang
    Or you can also find filming location of Nepal in Kathmandu Films:
    for more location you can request for:

    Hi Zach,
    Have you considered the South Island of New Zealand as a possible location?
    August is mid winter here in New Zealand, much of the lower South Island is covered in snow at this time, we can offer picturesque alpine lakes and magnificent vistas.
    Please feel free to contact me with more information should New Zealand be of interest to you.


    Pip Gillings
    MAP Productions Ltd
    New Zealand

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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