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  • Ewa Jacuta

    I’m looking for a “water studio” to shoot a movie early next year… I know about the one in Malta, Mexico & Bahamas and the new one at LA CIUDAD DE LA LUZ Spain will not be ready before 2008.. so I was wondering if there is another one I don’t know ….
    Thanks for your help. Jean-Luc

    Dear Jean-Luc,

    We have an amazing water tank that is more than 376,000 sq. ft. with a max depth of 25 ft. It is large enough to accomodate several full-scale ships and was used to film Pirates of the Caribbean II and III. Please email me directly at: I can reply with our information (photos, specs, etc.).
    Kind regards,
    Diana McGonigal
    Phone: 305-677-2879

    Garry Bassin

    Water facilities currently available at Pinewood studios include numerous stages with tanks incorporated into the floors, an exterior tank with a blue screen backing measuring 240 x 60 feet (73m x 18m) and a new underwater filming facility.

    The dedicated Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios includes a tank that is permanently filled with water and heated to 30°c. The tank measures 20m (65.6ft) long x 10 m (32.8ft) wide x 6 m (19.7ft) deep.

    What makes the Underwater Stage so special is the filtration system that minimises the amount of chemicals in the water creating a comfortable working environment and eliminates “red eye”.

    For more information please see the website ( or contact one of the sales team on +44 (0) 1753 656 919

    Dear Jean-Luc;

    According to what you may need we have within one of our studios a swimming pool for underwater shooting which is 32.8 ft x 19.7 ft. and 31.2 ft. deep. It holds about 25,099.00 gallons of water (4,285 cubic ft.)The pool includes a lateral window for aquatic shots and enough room for camera travelling. The pool may be covered for the use of the entire studio which is about 1200 squared meters. For pictures and visuals of the pool and our studios, please visit our website

    We will be more than happy to assist you in answering any questions you may have. Just contact us at any of the email addresses included in our web page.

    Alina M. Crousillat
    Production Manager
    Estudios Baires
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Cheryl Gough

    Dear Jean-Luc – Warner Roadshow Studios, Queensland, Australia. The facility has 8 sound stages and two water tanks. One situated in Stage 5 -78ft x 62ft and an outdoor tank 59ft diameter x 14.76ft deep. Other sound stages have also been flooded by Peter Pan, Ghost Ship, Komodo and can be safely done if you do not require the depth in the indoor tank. If you visit our web site on you will find photographs of the site and tank facilites. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. All my contact details can be found on our web site. Kind Regard, Lynne Benzie, Vice President Studio Operations, Warner Roadshow studios.

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings from The Islands of The Bahamas. Our water tank is considered one of the best in the world because it is “Open to the Ocean,” hence it avoids having to eliminate the artificial horizon in post-production. The camera lense only will see the wide open ocean, unlike other tanks, which are more land base. Additionally, the studio facility in The Bahamas will have two covered sound stages of 40,000 st ft each by the end of the year. We hope to see you here soon. Cheers! Craig A. Woods Film Commissioner.

    There is a great facility at Fleetwood near Blackpool, scenes were filmed from Harry Potter there and they have wave machines, fog, rain etc…

    Dear Jean-Luc,

    I am Andrea Kernya, working for Korda Studios in Hungary. We are in the process of building Europe’s most modern studio with a huge water tank. Please be so kinde and provide me with all possible further information. My availabilities are:, tel: 36 20 999 6085 or fax: 36 1 302 0847. Also there is another non-korda mail address in case: I am looking forward to hearing from you! Best regards, Andrea

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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