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  • Hello friends,
    I’m looking for a location for a TVC with following spec;
    1 The place has recognisable feature and widely recognisable.
    2 It has some significance, may be historical, geographical, archtecural or cultural.
    3 It is neither near a mountain, deep valley, lake, sea, waterfall, city center(tall building), forest. Basically as flat as possible with not much in it….
    4 Day time temp do not drop below 15 degree centigrade.
    5 the shoot is in Jan/Feb 2007,

    I’ve thought about the following and am looking for more ideas…. PLEASE HELP.
    Aire Rock, Pyramid, Nasca etc.


    Dear San,
    Your request brings the countryside of Holland to mind: flat and not much in it. The only thing is if you shoot in jan/feb it’s winter and the temp will be somewhere from 0 to 10 degrees. Anyway think it over if you like.
    You can reach us by phone: 0031654631499 or by e-mail
    You can check our website:
    WMI is Amsterdam based.
    All the best,
    Hans Ter Burg, WMI

    Ira Carrisa

    qinghai in China can be possibility, but again jan or feb is right in the winter, it will be extremely cold

    Andreas Tsilifonis

    Dear San,
    When thinking about cultural or archaeological sites, Greece is definitely a good option. I can propose a wide variety of sites. Weather is not an issue, as Greece has a mild climate and average temperatures at that time of year are between 10 to 11 degrees centigrade. Of course, clearing shooting permits can be time-consuming depending on the site.
    You can mail us your details and we could send you some references.
    Our mail:
    Tel: +30-210-6742240
    Contact: Annabelle Aronis
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards.


    Hello San,
    The weather in January February is very hot at Ayers Rock (Uluru), and the location has some permit restrictions. There are many beautiful locations in the same area of Australia that are recogniseable and easier to permit. Naturally we also have the beauty of Sydney harbour in summer at that time of year. If you are interested in filming in Australia or New Zealand, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Regards and best wishes for your project.
    Tiare Tomaszewski

    Dear Sam,

    We have locations in Kenya which are flat and a few obstructions in between. Let me know so that i can foward you refrence pictures.
    Hemal Shah
    Blue Sky Films Ltd

    Dear San
    In South Africa we can offer a salt lake (just like the picture at the top of this page!). Alternately, would you consider the towering red sand dunes of the Namibian desert – just like the picture to the right of this page!!

    Good luck

    Collective Energy, Cape Town, South Africa

    Dear San,

    Southern Portugal has flat rolling landscapes. In some areas huge cylinder-like grain silos can be seen. There are also areas with huge wind-power plants with enormous propellers.
    If this is of interest please contact me directly.

    Staffan Tranaeus
    SouthWest Productions

    Andrew Leung

    Dear San,
    I may suggest Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia as widely recognisable landmark located at the city center. You can capture full view of this skyscraper from the park next to it. Weather not a problem at all as we have an average of 23 deg celcius all year round. Just a suggestion :) . More details, you may contact me Ahmad Fadzil at or visit

    Matthew Avey

    Hello San:
    Argentina might be a good option.
    We can offer a wide variety of flat locations such as green flat Pampas landscape , white salt dessert like the one you see on the pic at the top of this page and many more…
    I can send you some reference pics right away, just let me know….
    By they way,we will be in summer by the time of your shoot , so don´t worry about cold weather here!.

    Henri Phimasset

    hello San,
    we have some recognizable places like the Blue Lagoon f.ex.
    Daytime temperatures will be less than 15 celcius though.
    Please write me to if you want to discuss further please write me or call, +354 861 0386.
    all the best,

    Thanks for your posting reply to my vague request.
    If there is a place with some significance where it is flat, then we may have a winner.
    Basically we’d like to fly this aircraft for 15km with altitude of 20m or so….
    Lower the altitude of the place, the better too.

    We are pleased to assist you in finding the locations that you required for shooting in Malaysia. We are not sure if it is exactly what you need but according to your brief, the location you required are all available in Malaysia.
    Pegasus Film is a leading TV commercials production company based Kuala Lumpur. Working alongside our clients we shape and deliver a high profile image of brands through broadcast TV advertising. We offer a full service to our clients steering jobs through script development, casting, shooting and post production. Please log on to for futher info.

    Peter Lee
    Pegasus Film Sdn Bhd

    young shin

    Hi San, Portugal has what you are looking for & the weather conditions. If you think about this possibility we can sed you ref pics. You can see our loc library online at . skype: pspportugal mobile: ++351.916.618.020
    Patricia Lino

    Hi San.. Perhaps Namibia would be a good option for you – beautiful desert landscapes (Flight of the Phoenix filmed there). Let me know if you would like us to compile a website of Namibian locations.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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