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Forums What Permits Are Required To Film In European Countries

This topic contains 4 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Kim Leong 6 years, 11 months ago.

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  • Kim Leong

    We are shooting a trilogy of adventure films within the next seven years that requires us to film outside of the USA. The first film will start filming next month. Even though we have a USA location for the first film, we are open to including a secondary location in that same film that is abroad.

    I would like to receive information from location guides who specialize in European locations for films. What are the requirements for filming in any European country, such as permits, VISAs, and any other requirements needed to film there.

    Members of our lead cast are from the UK and Spain, and USA. The production company is American-based.

    Which European country offers simpler requirements for us to film there? We will hire many of the local talent and crew members as well.

    This is the link to the film website:

    Our email is


    We are a Film Location House and we provide Fixing Services in Greece.

    Regarding VISA if a US were to come to Greece for filming our company should send a letter of invitation to the Greek Embassy in the city you are based (say LA) with the names, passport no, speciality (eg Producer) stating the purpose of your project and the timeframe of stay in Greece.

    Regarding permits for filming in public places within the boundaries of Athens Municipality there is a fixed price for every filming spot of shooting and it amounts to 1335,29 Euros per spot per day. Of course there is always room for negotiation since someone has a workflow kind of relationship with the Athens film office and since there is a volume of locations with permit need. This could even shrink the cost up to 1/3 of the total price sometimes.

    For Ancient / Classical / Protected etc monuments the shooting cost can be lower but there is a license cost added ranging on the use of the final product (eg theater release, internet, publishing on catalog, broadcast or else…) and it can take up to a month of process and approval of content from the Archaeological council to decide and confirm.

    There can be a big variety of public places with low or no cost permits at the suburbs of Athens or in some islands like Mikonos, Corfu etc)

    It is always essential and advised for a better quality, easier and faster access, deal potential and local knowledge issues to have a local Fixer / Company to handle all practical issues for a foreign production visiting as long as there is mutual flexibility chemistry and trust.

    Hope this information helps.

    Best Regards,

    Kostas Tagalakis

    Mob. +30 6937121987
    Office: +30 2106833349
    Skype Name: tagalakis (topspotgr)
    Address: 10-12 Kifisias Str., Marousi 15125, Athens, Attica, Greece

    John Rueda

    Hello Merri,

    you should definitely consider shooting in the Czech Republic. Not just because its beautiful locations, but also as you don’t need any special requirements, VISAs for shooting here and you can get 20% rebate as well! It’s also strategically situated right in the heart of Europe, next to Germany and Austria.
    I’ll send you an email with all important informations.

    All the best,

    Hi MERRI

    Our company IFILMEUROPE was created precisely to answer this kind of question and to be able to guide you through Europe .

    We are not covering only one country as all other production that will answer your request and will offer their service.. Us , we set up our company as an association of several top european line producer as we want to offer a global service and share our experience without limit and without borders as EUROPE must be considered now as a global destination . ( ) We have a main office in London with local branches and offices in France, ( ) Italy, Spain and also in Hungary to cover the Eastern Europe countries ( )

    REBATE : Almost all European countries will offer you some Tax Rebate and Incentives around 20% so this Rebate must not be the only reason of your choice as you can get it almost everywhere from France to Italy, Czech Republic , Hungary …

    VISAS : Also you will not get any trouble to get the right visa from any european countries as the process is almost the same from all European partners .

    REASON OF YOUR CHOICE : The main reason of choosing an European country must not be only the REBATE and the VISAS ( as above mentioned ) but the choice must depend from the needs of your script ( crew , equipment services involved .. ) and also of course the locations so we can guide you to make the best choice .. But we consider that the most important , is to choose the right partner as we think that it is the KEY to have a great and successful production.

    Working with us, you will have a great European team which is working for more that 20 years on line producing for worldwide Directors and Producers .

    Feel free to give us more details about your project and we will suggest a precise country that will work perfectly for this project.

    Myself I cover France, Italy, Spain and Hungary so I really think that I can help. And if the right destination is not one of those 4 countries after receiving more details from you, I will let you know and will give you the contact of my partners covering other great destination that I could suggest.

    With my best regards

    Email :
    Phone : +33 607 287 484


    Just to give you an idea about basics of film permits and filming visas, here are 2 posts from our blog.


    Mert Gürel

    Chad Gray

    Hi, Merri Christi

    Re. shooting your trilogy of adventure films outside the USA pls – my location manager(s) or guide(s) will provide you with excellent breath-taking locations in Russia/CIS/Baltics – throughout the ex-USSR.

    Re. the requirements for filming in the above countries
    (A) entry visas in your crew’s passports (a simple procedure to make 10 days in advance and not costly 50 USD each)
    (B) ATA CARNET (a deatiled list of imported equipment) your crew will bring back upon the end of the production
    (C) permits – only if and when necessary. Here you should trust our own experience, contacts and intuition. We avoid problems but we always do our best to minimize the budget and creattively offer appealing options of cost-effective locations.

    We also offer A-Z services incl. such incentives as co-financing partner / product placement, options for TV/cinema sales/domestic festivals in the ex-USSR etc.

    I could elaborate it, if you give me more information about your project.

    Best regards,

    Eugene Zykov
    Producer & Owner
    Russian Film Commission — Film Media (Moscow)
    Owner & Publisher, Editor
    Т/F (+7495) 686 1888 Cell: (+7905) 545 34 14
    skype: ezykov

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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