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  • in reply to: Tanzania Fixer

    You might like to try these people. Speak with Peter Jones. he comes highly recommended.

    in reply to: Looking for a Service prod In UK/Scotland

    Hi Tristan,

    I have emailed you.


    Bill Hayes
    Locations & Productions.

    in reply to: DOP & Stills Photographer – Baton Rouge

    Thanks Murray,

    now done.

    in reply to: December, skyscrapers, 2 shooting days. URGENT)

    Hi Katerina,

    I have emailed you.

    Bill Hayes
    Locations & Production
    +44 7956 222162

    Hello Seon,

    I have sent you an email direct. I can take care of this for you.

    Bill Hayes

    in reply to: Paris crew

    Hi, you need the services of my colleagues at Screen Europe. They have been operating out of Paris for 10 years and are certainly the go-to people for this kind request. Check out their website

    or email

    in reply to: London roadway doubling as Singapore

    Hi David,
    I have done something similar to this and there are two places to my mind where it will be relatively easy to do this. One right in the centre of town (see attached pictures) and one with the whole of the financial district and towers in the background. (i don’t have pictures handy of this location. I have shot in Singapore so I know what it looks like. With a fuller brief I can maybe find you some other options.

    There will be a lot of administration in this but certainly do-able within 10 days. i work well with all the people that one would have to deal with this.

    Please email to discuss further on

    in reply to: UK based Location Scout needed for stills

    Hi Martin,

    I am a very experienced location scout, and I am available to find your technology locations.

    Please email me at bill.producytion AT for an immediate response.

    in reply to: Space suit or helmet in Europe


    If Angles do not have what you want, I think their suites maybe a bit “playtime” type costume thewn you can 100 per cent get it from these people: They ship abroad and have a range of authentic suits for all missions and nationalities.

    good luck

    Bill Hayes

    in reply to: Tiger

    Hi, I have done a shoot with a big tiger, and I can tell you now, your actors will NOT be sharing the space with the animal.

    You have to think in terms of post production solutions to this.

    A Tiger is about the most dangerous animal on the planet, and although with a good trainer can be well behaved, having strangers with them in a confined space could result in an accident happening.

    We had a room in a house boarded up (including the windows) and the canera crew were inside a metal cage. The actors were aded into the set AFTER the tiger had left.

    goof luck.

    in reply to: Looking for a trained Gorilla


    there is no such thing as a trained Gorilla. This is NOT going to happen. They are a protected species.

    However, if you are willing to use a man in a gorilla suit then you could look at this video:

    If you look back over the messages here you will find a conversation about this suit and the company who operates it. It won’t be cheap!

    Good luck.


    in reply to: colonial philadelphia

    Dear Vicky,

    your best approach is contact the local film office. They have a locations database with images of just what you are looking for.

    in reply to: Double for Africa in the UK

    Hi Kelly,

    Here are some images of what can be found in the UK.

    Lucky it’s a commercial because they usually have the budget for an art dept and a Location Manager. If you can get the budget through for someone to sort out your locations, and you like what you see, then give Rob Champion a call. He will be able to sort things out with the various land owners and the local authority for you. (I will let him know where these spots are).

    Mind you, there’s not a lot he can do about the weather. There is something quite special about African skies that cannot be reproduced here in the UK.

    in reply to: London Hill

    You want Greenwich Park, South London. With the Greenwhich Observatory at your back you can see clear across the whole of London.

    It is Royal Park and you will need a permit to shoot from there. See here:

    in reply to: Looking for Location to Shoot

    Perhaps you will find London the best location, not only for the right set but also for crew and casting.

    here is a disued power station control room. It’s big!

    you can contact me on bill.production

    Bill Hayes

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)

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