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  • HOLA!


    For curious travelers seeking their next big adventure check Colombia, where “you can savor this South American up-and-comer’s charisma, authenticity and jugo de lulo (trust us, just drink it).” Colombia is now more accessible than ever, a stable government made it safe, and a new breed of hoteliers and operators are making it luxurious. The country encompasses everything from pristine Caribbean coastlines, picturesque cobblestone streets in Cartagena, the exotic Amazon rain forest, seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, the buzzing metropolis of Bogotá and some of the world’s most vivacious people.


    in reply to: Looking for Fixers/Researchers for Project Worldwide

    Hi Brent,
    Congratulations on the project… looks really good!
    I enjoyed a lot watching the first two videos.

    There are amazing stories too in COLOMBIA. I am an Int’l Producer and Fixer based between Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena.

    I am sure we can find really interesting life stories here… from really strong characters.
    Let me think which ones I can find for you.

    My first ideas of people I personally know are: a blind painter, a person who treats street dogs and finds them a home, a politician in Chocó who does everything to find water and food for his small poor town, really interesting captain stories, a music teacher in the middle of the jungle, etc. etc….
    I will keep on thinking, and if you happen to be interested in Colombia, write me back:

    in reply to: Colombia Fixer Needed – Travel Show

    Hello Flora,
    I hope you are doing well developing your future project in Colombia.
    Do not hesitate to contact Los Notarios for any help with location search or budgeting aid.

    Our Int’l Producer & Fixer, Lucas de la Rua, will be happy to help you!

    Mail him at


    in reply to: Colombia Fixer Needed – Travel Show

    Dear all,
    My name is Lucas de la Rua, International Producer and Fixer at Los Notarios, who’s been servicing executives, brands and artists around the world for 10+ years.

    Los Notarios is a production company, based in Bogotá, formed by partners with over 15 years experience and background in the Colombian and International film & advertising market.

    We can help you for sure!
    We will be happy to do it!

    We’ve been servicing and scouting in Chocó, both in it’s Pacific region (Nuquí, Quibdó, Lloró..) and in it’s Caribbean coast (Sapzurro, Capurganá, etc…)

    Please check some of our works in

    Do not hesitate to send me more info on the project to, I will be happy to help you coordinate the mentioned project in the Darien Gap.

    Check one of our projects filmed in this area:

    in reply to: Location Scouting

    Dear Mital,
    Please do take a look at our locations folders… we coordinate film shoots in Colombia.
    I am Lucas de la Rua, International Producer at Los Notarios.
    I have experience coordinating international shoots in London, Madrid and L.A… and since my arrival to Colombia I’ve developed film shoots for US, Brazil, China or Spain among others.

    Dear Katerina, Happy New Year!!
    Let’s try to collaborate on this great 2015 :)

    I am an International Producer based in Colombia.. we’ve been servicing different production companies in the last years, and they all agree this country is booming and is the most cos-effective option in the area.

    Do check our locations in our web ( and in our Pinterest (

    Check our works in our web… Colombia’s privileged location on the equator assures 12-hour workdays in daylight all year round. Weather distinctions are based on altitude so any climate can be found in Colombia at all times from snowy mountains to deserts at sea level… and of course lush countryside and Russian style summer nature.

    More info needed?

    My contact info:

    Lucas de la Rua
    Int’l Producer

    Dear GC crew,
    Do have Colombia as an option…
    In terms of locations, check this locs folder:

    In terms of feature filming, Colombian State offers up to 60% cash rebates to feature film productions and TV movies spending $500,000 USD in the country. Therefore the local English-speaking crews and art & construction departments are highly experienced, meeting all high-end industry standards mainly in Bogotá and Medellin.

    Colombia has a wide variety mix of looks providing a rich palette for casting, enhanced lately by new immigrants. Moreover the country’s strong performing, acting and modeling tradition defines the lively local character.
    Colombians are undoubtedly very friendly, they enjoy life’s sense-invigorating pleasures like socializing, dancing or eating… and our clients can assure that after work, Colombia is definitely very fun!

    in reply to: Tropic / Exotic location(s) for mid February shoot

    Dear Christian,
    How are you doing?

    Hello! My name is Lucas de la Rua, Int’l Producer based in Colombia.

    Colombia’s privileged location on the equator assures 12-hour workdays all year round and weather distinctions are based on altitude; so any climate can be found in Colombia at all times.
    Please check our complete Locations folder on Pinterest:

    Colombia sits on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean allowing for different coastal looks, great countryside, modern looks, colonial towns, deserts and jungles…
    All regions exemplify the incredible racial and cultural variety that characterizes the country with most of the scenery yet to be used!

    Regarding accesibility/infraestructure, on average Colombia’s film services cost about 30% less than in Brazil or Mexico and 20% less than in Argentina. The relative weakness of the Colombian Peso combined with Colombia’s status as a relatively undiscovered service location, makes it one of the most advantageous options in the world.

    For more info please contact us:

    Skype: lucasdelarua

    Attached some loc pictures as initial reference.

    in reply to: Colombian Fixer

    Hello! I am an international fixer and producer based in Colombia.

    After 10+ years working in different locations (Mexico, London, San Sebastián, Los Angeles…) I am currently based in Colombia serving other international producers, advertising agencies and global brands. I always try to surpass their expectations by producing top-level media projects at reasonable prices. I first worked in corporate finance consultancy so I acknowledge the importance of numbers, but my love for the arts made me specialize in film production and thus, I also defend craft.

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you need to bid a project in South America.

    Best regards,

    Lucas de la Rua
    Production services director
    International agent

    Latest clients include Adidas, Banco Santander, BBVA, Coca-Cola, Disney, General Motors, H·E·B, Intel, IBD, Lelo toys, Orangina-Schweppes, Samsung, Sony, Warner, and Spanish wineries among others.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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