To create a free listing for yourself and/or your company on The Location Guide’s website you first have to register yourself. Please click ‘register’ to access the online registration form. Enter a username and password for yourself. Once you have done so please click ‘register me’. You are now registered and will receive an email confirming your log-in information. Please keep this email for future reference. Once registered, you will be taken to a page with a link to create your listing. Please click the link, complete the form and submit. You have now listed yourself and your listing should appear on the website shortly.

To edit your listing:

Please click ‘sign in’ and enter your username and password. A page will appear named ‘your listing’. Please click on the listing you would like to edit. Then choose edit from the tabs on the right. Make the changes to your listing and click ‘submit’. Your listing has now been updated and will appear on the website shortly.


If you have any queries regarding how to access or edit your listing please email our Research Manager: