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Filming Location in Alberta

  • Alberta

    Alberta has become the sole filming location for all three seasons of FX's crime series, Fargo. The province was also…

  • British Columbia

    The Basic Film Incentive Tax Credit offered within British Columbia has been cut from 33% to 28% over growing concerns regarding inflated Government spending. While provin

  • Manitoba

    Manitoba has extended its location filming incentives through to the end of 2019. Eligible productions shooting in the province can claim a labour tax credit of up to 65%, or a cost-of-production tax

  • Northwest Territories

    The NWT's filming incentive offers rebates of up to 25% on locally-hired labour and on goods and services, with an additional 15% available to productions that provide on-set training to new labour. A

  • Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia in eastern Canada has changed its filming incentive. In July 2015, the province switched its existing tax credit to a 25% funding programme applicable to all Nova Scotia production expense

  • Ontario

    Toronto remains the top production hub in Canada, and also one of the central filming locations in the whole of North America. The city offers world-class facilities, including Pinewood Toronto Studio

  • Quebec

    Montreal has been given a boost by the huge international success of the last two X-Men films. Quebec’s success is partly built around a 25% base filming incentive. A separate 20% visual eff

  • Saskatchewan

    It may not match Vancouver or Montreal for the level of international production activity it sees, but Saskatchewan offers great locations and studio space. However, its 55% tax credit on eligible

  • Yukon

    Yukon straddles the Arctic Circle in north-west Canada, with British Columbia to the south and the US state of Alaska to the west. There’s a limited crew base and a series of incentive programmes f

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

    As a combination of two territories, Newfoundland and Labrador offer a diverse range of locations that are easily accessible through the local Film Development Corporation. The province's close proxim