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Filming Location in California

  • California

    California’s tax credit programme has successfully curbed runaway production. The programme provides support for non-independent and independent films, TV pilots,…

  • Alabama

    Alabama lacks the filmmaking profile of some of its southern neighbours, but it has a lot to offer productions. It’s one of the most biologically diverse states and can provide everything from bust

  • Alaska

    Alaska has cancelled its filming incentive programme and will redirect the funds elsewhere in the economy. For the past few years the state has offered a base 30% filming tax credit that specifical

  • Arizona

    Arizona offers a range of locations from small mid-western towns to exotic lakes, cityscapes to western streets, majestic sand dunes to moonscapes, alpine settings, Natural Geographic treasures and th

  • Colorado

    Filming for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight has proven a big boost for Colorado. The filmmaker’s second Western after Django Unchained filmed for several weeks in the state in 2015. Loc

  • Florida

    Florida remains an iconic filmmaking destination with commercials, films and television series regularly filmed here for both the English and Spanish language markets. In recent years, Florida has als

  • Georgia

    Georgia has become one of the main production hubs in the US, partly through its base 20% filming incentive that expands to 30% with the inclusion of the state’s peach logo in a production’s credits,

  • Hawaii

    Hawaii’s variety of tropical settings from lush landscapes to arid volcanic geology, sea cliffs, dense jungle, idyllic beaches, world class resorts and unique blend of architecture attracts everything

  • illinois

    Illinois' iconic locations have made it a highly sought after destination for big-budget feature films. The list of recent production in the state include Suicide Squad, Sense8 and <

  • Louisiana

    Louisiana's production industry has suffered after the state film incentive was temporarily suspended througout 2016.  While now reinstated, the incentive has already depleted its funding from the bac

  • Maine

    Most producers are initially drawn to Maine for its famous lobsters, lighthouses and rugged cliffs but soon realise there is much more to the largest of the New England states. There are also mount

  • Maryland

    Political drama House of Cards has returned to Netflix and is likely to raise Maryland’s production profile as a double for Washington, DC. Baltimore doubles for the US capital in the popular drama an

  • Massachussetts

    Massachusetts is set to keep its 25% filming incentive following a decision from lawmakers. The state has hosted high-profile productions like The Fighter and American Hustle, and a new Ghostbuster

  • Michigan

    Michigan has ended its filming incentive programme. The news came only a few months after superhero movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wrapped principal photography in Detroit. However,

  • Minnesota

    Minnesota features a continental climate with some of the widest variety of weather in the US. This allows a full range of location shooting across four distinct seasons. With thousands of miles of sh

  • Mississippi

    Mississippi's recent productions range from mid to high-budget features. Jeff Nichols's sci-fi throwback, Midnight Special had a budget of USD18 million while James Brown biopic, Get O

  • Montana

    Montana’s characterful locations combined with a generous tax incentive and supportive film office has seen the state develop into a popu

  • Nevada

    Nevada offers a complex series of filming incentives as transferable tax credits, with one of the main base rates being 15% of qualified production costs. The previous four-year cap of USD10 million h

  • New Jersey

    Governor to the state of New Jersey, Chris Christie has vetoed a proposed motion to install a new system of filming incentives within the state. In 2011 Christie similarly halted a USD420,000 tax cred

  • New Mexico

    New Mexico is the main US option for productions seeking cost- effective desert locations. The state offers a generous 25% filming incentive that rises to 30% for TV. The increased TV incentive was pr

  • New York

    New York maintains its status as one of the top production hubs in the US. It's currently the second busiest in terms of production jobs, wages and number of productions. The state offers a network

  • North Carolina

    North Carolina's production activity has plumetted after changing its 25% tax credit incentive to a grant programme. The scheme has yet to be extended past 2017, leaving television shows to look elsew

  • Oregon

    Supernatural TV series Grimm films in the show’s established home in Portland, Oregon. The production team was attracted partly by Portland’s forest locations that are appropriate for the sto

  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania has recently featured in two major feature films, M. Night Shyamalan's Split and the Golden Globe winning Fences. Being so close to New York, Pennsylvania is well con

  • South Carolina

    South Carolina recently scored the HBO comedy, Vice Principals. Starring Danny McBridge and Walton Goggins, the series shot in Mount Pleasant and Charleston. South Carolina offers several

  • Tennessee

    Television drama Nashville has been given a filming incentive of USD10 million to shoot on location in its namesake city in Tennessee. Nashville got a filming incentive payment of USD8 million from

  • Texas

    Texas has had a recent profile boost due to the success of HBO's The Leftovers. The show's second season was filmed almost entirely in the state. From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series is am

  • Utah

    New TV drama Blood & Oil has become the first network series in nearly a decade to film on location in Utah. The western US state is not known as a production hub but in recent years has hosted mo

  • Virginia

    Virginia played a key role in the Civil War and Richmond was the Confederate capital throughout the conflict. Eligible productions looking for location authenticity in telling Civil War stories can ac

  • Washington

    Qualifying productions filming in Washington can access a 30% cash rebate, although the annual cap is USD3.5 million. Regardless, the filming industries will be happy to be able to compete on some

  • West Virginia

    International feature film, Z for Zachariah shot on location in West Virginia. It tells the story of a young woman and two men who become embroiled in a fierce love triangle, against the backdrop of a