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Filming in Alabama

Alabama lacks the filmmaking profile of some of its southern neighbours, but it has a lot to offer productions.

It’s one of the most biologically diverse states and can provide everything from bustling modern cities to sandy beaches and dense wooded canyons.

A 25% rebate is available for personnel, goods and services purchased in Alabama and a 35% rebate for resident crew, plus a waiver of sales and lodging tax.

The minimum spend for eligible film projects is USD500,000 and USD50,000 for qualified soundtracks. The maximum qualified spend that can receive a rebate is USD20 million.

The annual cap is USD20 million per fiscal year. There is now also a USD1 million per hire cap on non-resident above-the-line and a USD500,000 per hire cap on non-resident below-the-line.

Visually Alabama remains an easy appeal for lower budget shoots seeking relatively under-seen landscapes.

Andy and I love making movies in Alabama. It's less expensive. It's more relaxing. The crews are amazing. The State is unbelievably hospitable, friendly and helpful. Having wrapped two films on schedule and under budget, I can't imagine working anywhere else.

Jon Erwin & Andy Erwin, Directors


The climate is generally warm and humid and is affected by the Gulf of Mexico on the southern coast. This often results in hurricanes and tornadoes plaguing the state. Temperatures are generally cooler in the north of the state, with temperatures ranging from average winter lows of 1C (sometimes bringing snow) to 28C in the summer.
Conditions grow warmer the closer you get to the Gulf Coast, with southern temperatures ranging from winter lows of 6C to highs of 34C in the summer months. Rainfall is heaviest in the south and the city of Mobile gets about 66 inches of rain every year.

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