Filming in Alabama

Alabama lacks the filmmaking profile of some of its southern neighbours, but it has a lot to offer productions. It’s one of the most biologically diverse states and can provide everything from bustling modern cities to sandy beaches and dense wooded canyons.

A 25% rebate is available for personnel, goods and services purchased in the state. Local authorities are also considering changing the rules about how television shows are incentivised to attract more long-term TV projects to Alabama.

Shaking up its incentive scheme could help the state announce its intentions more noticeably among neighbouring Louisiana and Mississippi. Louisiana in particular has rapidly established itself as a primary production hub not just in the south but for the whole of the US.

Alabama’s USD10 million cap for 2011 on its incentive scheme (an increase of USD2.5 million from 2010) means it is unlikely to attract big-budget productions, but visually the state remains an easy appeal for lower budget shoots seeking relatively under-seen landscapes.

Images courtesy of Magnolialand Entertainment.