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Filming in Alberta

Alberta has become the sole filming location for all three seasons of FX's crime series, Fargo. The province was also featured in the Academy Award winning The Revenant.

A period survival story, The Revenant follows a hunter seeking revenge on cowardly colleagues in the aftermath of a near-lethal bear attack. The shoot spanned many months as the crew were spending hours each day travelling to remote parts of Alberta to film. What’s more, they shot using only natural light. The result could be visually stunning and a true showcase of Alberta’s wilderness locations.

The province’s first studio facility – the Calgary Film Centre – opened its doors in May 2016, expanding Alberta's filming capabilities in the process.


The construction of a film studio in Calgary is critical to maintaining and growing our film, television and digital media industry. It is a great project for the city.

Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary


As should be expected with such a large province, Alberta's climate varies considerbly. Southern Alberta is semi-arid with hot summers and low rainfall. The north is much colder.

Winter winds bring warmer weather to the western areas, while in the south-east temperatures range from 35°C to -35°C. Winters are cold with heavy snowfall, especially in the Rockies. Summer days tend to cool off quickly.

Main crops include canola, wheat, barley, oats and field peas.

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