Filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Situated in central New Mexico in the south-west US, Albuquerque is already an established production centre. The state launched its 25% filming rebate back in 2002 – along with Louisiana it’s the oldest scheme in the country.

The city rests a mile above sea level and is home to 700,000 people. Producers can enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine every year and with 90-minute flight times from Los Angeles connectivity is easy.

Albuquerque’s historic industry built up around its railroads and the enormous repair shop hangers still exist. They’ve been used as filming locations by projects ranging from The Avengers and Terminator Salvation through to locally-produced TV show Breaking Bad. There are also more than 20 purpose-built sound stages.

The city’s eastern side is bordered by the 11,000-foot Sandia Mountains and there’s plenty of topographical variety on offer in the form of local gypsum mines and desert environments on the city’s doorstep.

Images courtesy of Albuquerque Film Office.