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Filming in Argentina

Buenos Aires is one of the top production hubs in South America, especially for commercials. The period architecture can double for locations across Europe and the city offers warm weather during the northern hemisphere’s winter.

The most famous of Argentina's recent productions is The Revenant, which depicted a snow-laden landscape and went on to win a number of Academy Awards. Marvel's Black Panther recently shot at Iguazu Falls.


While the country’s production industry is focussed in Buenos Aires, Argentina has a rich variety of locations available.

The country offers some extraordinary natural landscapes including the red-rock formations of Cafayate Salta, the jungles in Aguas Chiquitas, the deserts of Salinas Grandes Purmamarca and the stunning mountain ranges of Quebrada de Las Conchas.

However, the lack of any official financial incentive for international shoots does deter many big-budget productions.

"The locations were chosen with the aim to give the piece a big scale. We were looking for an international look – kind of abstract. You should not be able to point out exactly where you are, though you should feel a big city atmosphere and a very international look.”

Gaby Cárcova, Executive Producer


Argentina moves from sub-arctic in the far south to sub-tropical in the north. Buenos Aires and the central region have a temperate climate with temperatures varying from 35C in January to 10C in July. In summer, humidity averages at 65%. Most rain also falls in the summer, although rain can be expected throughout the year.

The far south has colder weather and is prone to strong winds which can cause sudden changes of weather. Winter temperatures average around freezing, while summer temperatures reach between 6C and 12C. In the extreme north there is an average annual temperature of around 23C and plenty of rain.

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