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Filming in Arizona

Arizona offers a range of locations from small mid-western towns to exotic lakes, cityscapes to western streets, majestic sand dunes to moonscapes, alpine settings, Natural Geographic treasures and the Sonoran desert. Arizona is also the home of the Grand Canyon National Park.

The state is now investing more money into the production industry, with the reopening of a local film office and the construction of Sneaky Big, a state of the art film studio facility.

While the state is currently without a tax incentive scheme on filming, Producers can expect to save money via tailor-made discounts.

Matthew Earl Jones, Head of the Arizona Film and Media Office explains: "the cost of doing business in Arizona is much lower than that of neighbouring states. Years ago, I reached out to convention and visitor bureaus with requests for proposals for the hotel industry. Within a couple of weeks, we had over 100 hotels state-wide that were willing to offer up to a 50% discount."

With a new film office in tow, shooting in Arizona is now easier than it's ever been. The state is keen to expand its production capabilities and as such, will do all that it can to get you what you need at the best possible price.

Lowering the camera off Marble Canyon was a little hairy. We weren’t sure how much the wind would swing the rig as it dangled from below the helicopter. You are literally filming everything so you are at the mercy of natural light and your crew has to hide – otherwise they are in shot.

Kirsten Rutherford, Creative


Arizona’s climate varies depending on the elevation of the land. The low lands in the south are primarily desert and can reach temperatures of 52C during the day.

Winter daytime temperatures average at 21C but can drop dramatically to below freezing at night.
Summer daytime temperatures average at 27C during the day and peak at about 4C at night, while the season can witness monsoons throughout the state.

Conditions on the higher ground in the north are generally milder and the mountains sometimes see snowfall.
Around 13 inches of rain falls throughout the state each year, coming mainly in the summer monsoons and during winter cold fronts.

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