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Filming in Bahamas

The Bahamas, an archipelago of Carribean islands north of Cuba and south-east of the USA, has always had a certain dreamy ring to it but it takes its reputation as a film-friendly location very seriously. All of the hotels in the Bahamas have some sort of production crew lodging for example.

Its natural beauty and close proximity to Florida have made the Bahamas a popular filming location for years hosting all kinds of films and many hundreds of commercials.

The range of locations is vast and will be familiar to many. Bond was back in the Bahamas a few years ago in the opening scenes of Casino Royale, doubling for Madagascar.

Beaches are not in short supply. Filmmakers have their pick: Paradise Island Beach, Cabbage Beach or Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island, Cape Santa Maria Beach on Long Island, Coco DeMama Beach on Eleuthera, Fernandez and Sammy T’s beaches on Cat Island, to name just a few.

As there are so many Islands and beaches, it is important that you work closely with local companies to make sure your kit is in the right place at the right time. The Bahamas Film and Television Commission will do everything in their power to help.


An almost constant temperature prevails throughout the Bahamas thanks to refreshing, cooling trade winds.

September to May is freshest at around 21C to 24C with warmer weather at around 27C to 29C for the rest of the year. The temperature drops by about 5C after dark. June to November is the hurricane season.

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