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Filming in Brazil

Location-wise Brazil has everything. It's expansive and boasts the greatest biodiversity of any country in the world accompanied by astonishing landscapes. Iguazu Falls is one example of the impressive scenery which has made it to the big screen in Marvel Studios Black Panther.

Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the main production hubs and offer modern skyscrapers, European style architecture, large avenues and distinct neighbourhoods. Rio de Janeiro also offers numerous beaches and access to surrounding rain-forested mountains. These main production hubs also have a number of studio spaces, including built for purpose soundstages and a high level of lighting, camera and grip equipment.

REFABRIC provides information and can connect interested productions to the numerous regional  film commissions across the country as well as information on financial support.

Although there is no national incentive, there are a range of regional incentives and grants and further opportunities for co-productions. In 2019 Sao Paulo launched the first cash rebates for international productions that ranges from 20-30% of expenses. International feature films, series and animation or reality shows that meet the criteria are eligible as well as a separate stream for advertising productions. Recent productions to shoot in Sao Paolo include Keanu Reeves globe trotting production Conquest, as well as Black Mirror and Sense8.

Brazil remains a destination for advertising work due to the good crews, equipment production space and choice of locations. The population is very diverse, making casting a large range of talent possible. As the largest advertising market in Latin America there are also established service companies, production houses and creatives.

Every production that shoots in Brazil, apart from journalistic works, must partner with a Brazilian Production company that is registered to ANCINE, Brazil’s national film agency.

In terms of cast Sao Paulo was a good choice as there was a good pool of Brazilian actors for our favela scene, as well as Japanese-ancestry cast for our apartment scene and Caucasian cast for our London bank scene

Andrew Lang, Director


Brazil’s climate has five regional climatic zones: equatorial, tropical, semi-arid, highland tropical and sub-tropical. The main cities on the inland plateau, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, enjoy mild weather with average temperatures of 19°C. The coastal cities and areas like Rio de Janeiro have warmer climates. Rio's average temperature is around 26°C but can reach 38°C in the summer.

The south has a sub-tropical climate, with hot summers and cold winters. Between July and August, the southern winter, temperatures fall below freezing. The Amazon basin is warm and wet, with high humidity and temperatures reaching 32°C.

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