Filming in British Columbia

The Basic Film Incentive Tax Credit offered within British Columbia has been cut from 33% to 28% over growing concerns regarding inflated Government spending. While proving to be a popular system amongst filmmakers, the maintenance of B.C.’s incentive programme cost the Government a considerable amount of money, with 2015’s annual cost of USD313 million increasing to USD491 million in 2016.

B.C.’s post-production incentive for digital animation and visual effects is also on the chopping board, being cut from 17% to 16%.

The province still has a world-class infrastructure however, with leading visual effects companies and local labour that have worked on such productions as Deadpool and Power Rangers.

After scouting locations in North America and Europe, we selected Vancouver for both budgetary reasons and because of the City’s increasingly positive reputation regarding its support for filming.

John Kelly, Executive Producer on Deadpool


In general winters on the coast are temperate and if snow falls it doesn't stay long. Spring and autumn can often be very warm and pleasant, especially in June and September.

Summers are hottest in the interior, particularly in the south where temperatures frequently surpass 30°C.

Temperatures are warmer in the south than in the north and rainfall is heaviest along the coast and lightest in the southern interior.

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