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Filming in Cambodia

There are no formal filming incentives in Cambodia but it does offer lower production costs than most of its Asian neighbours. Crew rates are highly competitive and there are no expensive professional visas for foreign crews.

Cambodia offers less filming equipment than some of its neighbours but anything can be easily trucked in by road from Bangkok.
The south offers beach location, colonial architecture, rivers, national parks and tropical islands.
In the north there are timeless landscapes of rice paddies and sugar palms. The north-east offers wild and mountainous landscapes that are home to Cambodia’s ethnic minorities.
The famous temples of Angkor are monuments unrivalled in this part of the world. Phnom Penh and its riverside location offers the charms of the French Quarter as well as modern locations.

The challenge was to set up the base on the island [and have] a reliable internet connection, electricity and water supply, as well as the catering. Local companies have greatly helped to overcome that challenge

Cambodian Film Commission


Cambodia's climate is tropical, which produces a distinct wet and dry season. The rainy season is between June and October when the temperatures reach 35C.

The dry season is from November to March with temperatures reaching 27C. The hottest months are between April and May, when temperatures get as high as 38C.

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