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Filming in Colombia

Colombia has broadened its appeal as an international filming location by launching a filming incentive worth up to 40% of eligible spend. The programme offers a cash rebate of up to 40%, with a per-production cap of USD600,000, and a separate rebate of 20% is available for certain locally-incurred costs.

The country has scored two major international productions as of late, The Lost City of Z starring Tom Holland, and crime-thriller American Made starring Tom Cruise.

Filmmakers can pick and choose between an impressive collection of locations in Colombia. Places like Cartagena on the country’s Caribbean coastline and Villa de Leyva further south offer a Spanish colonial style steeped in history just waiting to be lapped up by visiting cameras.

Beyond the cities, incredible sights such as the savannah of the Llanos contrast sharply with the jungles of the Amazon rainforest. The Andes extend through the west of the country and further east can be found the Guajira Desert.


Colombia’s climate is wet and tropical. Summer is the principal rainy season although there is no specific dry season. The eastern Caribbean and Pacific coastal lowlands experience an equatorial climate with high temperatures and high humidity all year round.

Rainfall averages 100cm a year. In the mountains conditions are cooler and can be changeable depending on prevailing winds, altitude and topography.

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