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Filming in Colombia

Colombia continues to expand as a production hub and has a depth of crew, talent and studios. The mix of locations covers urban cities, Caribbean coast and Andean mountains.

There are two streams for incentives which have been effective at bringing in productions of all types. The CINA tax credit provides up to 35% on expenses. The two streams provide options for TV, film, advertising, music videos, post-production and animation work that exceeds USD450,000 local spend. There is also a VAT exemption on audiovisual production services for international productions.

Since 2012 productions that have been supported by the incentivs include Amazon’s Jack Ryan, Running with the Devil starring Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne, high-octane Mark Wahlburg thriller Mile 22, and Narcos.

Productions are equally attracted to Colombia’s urban centres which provide variety of classic, modern and vibrant neighbourhoods. Close to urban centres mountains, lagoons, waterfalls, deserts and Amazon rainforest can be found. Cartagena is a good place to base productions that are looking to film in the Caribbean coastline, while Villa de Levya offers Spanish colonial style settings.

There are numerous soundstages in Colombia and the capital Bogota has at least four studios. MediaPro has over twenty sound stages covering 141 sq. feet, RCN, Caracol, and TeleColombia have 23 more stages between them.

The big production centres of Bogota and Medellin have streamlined permitting and production procedures to assist the needs of international shoots and work with the local industry to strengthen the local crews and talent.


It is by far the best alternative, I have been throughout South America looking for locations to shoot the film, I looked for them all, but Colombia was the winner, for many reasons.

James Gray, Director of The Lost city of Z 


Colombia’s climate is wet and tropical. Summer is the principal rainy season although there is no specific dry season. The eastern Caribbean and Pacific coastal lowlands experience an equatorial climate with high temperatures and high humidity all year round.

Rainfall averages 100cm a year. In the mountains conditions are cooler and can be changeable depending on prevailing winds, altitude and topography.

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