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Filming in Cyprus

Cyprus is growing as a Mediterranean filming base. In addition to near perfect weather there is a growing base of experienced service companies, crew and facilities.

Since the introduction of a 25-35% rebate in 2019, the island has attracted more feature films in addition to advertising campaigns attracted by sun soaked spots. The incentive offers a cash rebate or tax credit up to 35% on qualifying local spending for feature films, TV series, animation and documentary projects. Qualifying productions also benefit grom VAT refund on qualifying production expenditures.

Productions came from around the world to take advantage of the incentives as well as of the unique features the island has to offer as a Natural Film Studio. French producer Emmanuel Giraud came from France to Cyprus for the first time to shoot a feature film in  early 2021. Six months later Giraud returned to make his second movie happen, explaining that, “to my big surprise, it was amazingly easy to shoot our movie in Cyprus because of the remarkable spirit and efficiency of Cypriot professionals and the fact that we succeeded to do the movie in a very short time with a variety of different locations and extras due to the short distances and the accessibility indoors and outdoors”.

In order to further grow the local infrastructure, there is a tax discount for investment in infrastructure and equipment that provides 10-20% of qualifying production expenditures.

The island is the third largest in the Mediterranean and provides a diversified mix of locations and settings including coastlines, mountains and picturesque villages. The four main cities of Nicosia, Limassol, Lanarca and Paphos provide a range of ancient monuments, classical walled cities,  cosmopolitan modern and port settings.

Cyprus has a production incentive that offers either a 25-35% cash rebate or a tax credit up to 35% of the eligible expenditure.


Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate and so has short, mild winters and long, dry and warm summers. The island is known for having more than 300 days of sunshine a year. It only averages about 40 days of rainfall annually.

Summer temperatures (June, July and August) average 32C on the coast and up to 40C inland. The Troodos mountains, however, can be up to 15C cooler.

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