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Filming in Cyprus

Although Cyprus has a number of experienced service companies, some crew and facilities, and of course near perfect weather, it lacks the pull of some of its Mediteranean neighbours when it comes to
large-scale location shoots.

You could say that it is too small to have an industry infrastructure that can cope with anything more than an occasional international commercial or documentary, but then look at the success of Malta, an island with half the population.

What Cyprus lacks is substantial Government support to help kickstart its industry. Start offering tempting incentives and the international filmmaker will come.


Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate and so has short, mild winters and long, dry and warm summers. The island is known for having more than 300 days of sunshine a year. It only averages about 40 days of rainfall annually.

Summer temperatures (June, July and August) average 32C on the coast and up to 40C inland. The Troodos mountains, however, can be up to 15C cooler.

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