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Filming in Dominica

Since Disney used Dominica for the Pirates of the Caribbean films, the island has seen an increase in industry activity as productions rush to make use of its unspoilt and cheap locations.

As a result, Dominica has developed a pool of hardworking, resourceful and skilled locals and artistic talent at competitive rates.

Known as 'the nature island of the Caribbean', Dominica has hosted a number of nature documentaries, commercials and photo shoots, and is a good cheat for other tropical locations.

In fact, there is an amazing range of locations for such a small land mass and one of the great advantages of shooting here is that the distance between, say, a jungle waterfall and a beach is never very far.

Filming here has always been very rewarding for producers. It has a very film-friendly government and the most attractive production costs in the Caribbean. These are just some of the reasons Disney chose Dominica for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3.

Clem Johnson, Producer


Dominica has a tropical climate with a dry season between January and June, and a rainy season between July and December.

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