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Filming in Ecuador

In the past decade Ecuador has come a long way in creating the infrastructure to host major shoots.

Dozens of films, commercials, television shows and music videos have now been filmed and produced there including Maidentrip, Holiday and Measuring the World.

Paris-based Quad Productions also headed to the Ecuadorian jungle and the unique landscapes of the Galapagos Islands recently to showcase the picture quality on Samsung’s new curved OLED TV.

A number of other projects are in development, some of which are co-productions with Colombia, Spain and Brazil.

It features some of the most beautiful, unique and exotic locations on the planet. The Galapagos Islands, the Amazon, the Andean Sierra, Spanish colonial churches and Inca ruins are just some of the locations available for shooting.

It also has inexpensive labour costs, a pool of qualified industry professionals and a tourism industry that is


Because Ecuador is on the equator, it has 12 hours of daylight every day of the year and has only two seasons. During the winter or rainy season, mountain temperatures vary from 8C to 20C. In summer, or dry season, temperatures reach 24C. On the coast, during winter or summer, the average temperature is between 25C to 30C.

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