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Filming in Fiji

The Fiji islands offer a growing film production industry and breathtaking film locations that can double for many other countries. Visiting film crews can take advantage of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

Fiji has a tropical climate and is the gateway to the South Pacific. It offers low production costs, increasingly experienced film crew, a favourable exchange rate and direct flight con- nections from the USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Not only is Fiji one of the least expensive countries in the South Pacific, it also has a terrific set of filming incentives.

The most recent is a massive 47% filming rebate – a sharp increase from the already impressive previous figure of 35% – that’s focussed on attracting international film productions.

The 35% minimum spend requirement has also been removed, which is particularly appealing for commercial shoots with smaller budgets

In another move to improve Fiji’s filming environment, all local film production services, production houses, equipment suppliers and other key contractors now have to be licensed.

Fiji has developed a large, skilled body of film technicians – you’ll always get a high-end team that’s fully up to date with world trends in filming equipment and techniques.


Fiji enjoys a tropical maritime climate without extremes of heat or cold. The predominant winds over Fiji are the trade winds from the east to the southeast. They are generally light or moderate, but tropical cyclones and depressions can cause high winds from November to April.

Average temperatures change only by about 2C or 4C between the cooler months from July to August and the warmest months of January to February. Around the coast, the average nighttime temperature can be as low as 18C while the average daytime temperatures can be as high as 32C.

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