Filming in Filming in the Calgary region of Alberta, Canada

Calgary lies in southern Alberta, one of Canada’s western provinces. The city and its wider region hosts 80% of the province’s entire filming activity and is the fourth-largest production jurisdiction in Canada. Recent productions include Christopher Nolan’s Inception and TV show Hell on Wheels.

The region lies near the Rocky Mountains, meaning film crews have access to awe-inspiring natural vistas and prairie landscapes within a relatively short distance of Calgary. In Calgary itself, producers can find a bustling city centre, while filming support is provided by the Calgary Film, Television and Creative Industries Commission.

Producers can get assistance with location scouting and arranging local permits, as well as sorting access to regional filming incentives. Calgary is a transport hub in western Canada so international access is easy, and its profile may be further boosted this year as the city becomes the Cultural Capital of Canada for 2012.

(Images courtesy of Calgary Film, Television & Creative Industries)