Filming in Filming in West Provence, France

West Provence (or Ouest Provence) is part of south-eastern France situated between Marseilles – the regional production hub – and Arles. Producers can find sunny landscapes ranging from ancient historic villages through to modern port infrastructure on the Mediterranean coastline. West Provence’s industrial landscapes are in fact among the most popular local filming spaces and often double for African locations.

Known for the large-scale production of fresh produce and wine, West Provence has low-lying plains and mountainous regions in the Alpilles and the Dentelles.

The area is well connected with the rest of France and indeed with the world, offering a local TGV train station and international flights from transport hubs including Marseilles.

Producers filming in West Provence can access France’s Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP), which applies to all French territories. The West Provence Film Commission also offers a regional film fund production subsidy that provides up to EUR200,000 per eligible project.