Filming in Filming on location in Buenos Aires

Argentine capital Buenos Aires is an established production hub and the second-largest city in South America. Its industry and reputation have grown through a combination of good production values and colonial architecture that enable its filming locations to double for cities around the world.

Buenos Aires is chosen as the filming location for the majority of productions shot in Argentina. Its eclectic heritage is reflected in its mix of Art Nouveau, French Bourbon, Neo-Gothic, Art Deco and Colonial architecture. These chameleonic features all work to help filmmakers establish the specific filming location they want to shoot and often with minimal set dressing.

The city is considered a cultural centre and has a specially-designated Audiovisual District. Overall the city is home to nearly 500 separate companies providing various services to the production industry.

Buenos Aires is a particularly popular filming location for commercials. In 2012, 60 international commercials filmed in the city and major brands to have visited recently include Bulmers, Ford, Evian and Canon. Production support is available locally from the Buenos Aires Film Commission.

Some of the city’s most popular filming locations include Presidente Saenz Pena Avenue, otherwise known as ‘Diagonal Sur’, central artery Presidente Julio A Rocca Avenue, also called ‘Diagonal Norte’, and the colonial architecture of the San Telmo neighbourhood, which is the oldest region of the city.