Filming in Filming on location in Dublin

Dublin has seen its international profile as a filming location soar in recent years thanks to a potent combination of great locations, competitive filming incentives and committed local support.

The city offers hundreds of years of rich architectural history that was used for glossy TV drama The Tudors and the recent Oscar-nominated feature Albert Hobbs, while it’s also been used to double for cities like New York (for Jim Sheridan’s In America).

Filmmakers can access a filming incentive worth up to 28% of EU expenditure in Ireland. In addition, the FILM DUBLIN Partnership comprises 30 different local organisations that are committed to offering film-friendly services in and around the city, something that was instrumental in making the shoot for Steven Soderbergh’s action film Haywire a success.

Ardmore Studios offers five sound stages south of the city, while film crews regularly use soundproofed industrial sites in the city as temporary production spaces.

(Images courtesy of the Irish Film Board)