Filming in Filming on location in French Guiana

French Guiana is on the north-east coast of South America near the equator, nestled between Brazil and Suriname. As the name suggests it remains an overseas French territory and geographically it’s dominated by the vast rainforests of the Amazonia National Park.

The country has a tropical climate with year-round warm weather and a lengthy wet season. Colonial towns exist alongside the rainforests to offer an abundance of character and the country even has a major space centre used by the European Space Agency.

Capital city Cayenne lies on the Atlantic coastline and offers international connections to Europe and the US. There’s also a crew and equipment base, although heads of department normally have to be flown in and four-wheel-drive transport is needed in areas outside the city.

As a French territory French Guiana uses the euro and producers can access France’s Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP). This amounts to a 20% rebate on expenses incurred, with a per-production cap of USD5.4 million.