Filming in Filming on location in Mallorca

Mallorca is part of the Spanish Balearic Islands and lies in the western Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain. As a popular holiday destination it’s well-connected to many of Europe’s transport hubs, with a flight time of only a couple of hours.

Despite its size (just 1,400 square miles), the island offers a full filmmaking infrastructure with several service companies and three separate studio facilities available for filming. In addition less obvious locations like an old hospital and port locations offer practical choices for producers.

Equipment not available locally can be easily flown in from the continent and with the island covering a relatively small area locations are all close by so travel costs are minimised.

The infrastructure offers access to varied landscapes where mountains, dunes, green fields and forests are all available under the Mediterranean sun. Commercials dominate but TV projects visit too and the Wachowskis’ big-budget feature Cloud Atlas came in 2011.

(Images courtesy of Orange Valley Production)