Filming in Filming on location in Munich

Bavaria is a leading media hub in Germany. Around 1,500 film production companies are located in the metropolitan Munich area and numerous successful film productions have been shot here, such as the international co-production Big Game starring Samuel L Jackson, the 3D production of Tarzan by Reinhard Klooss, The Three Musketeers by Paul WS Anderson and Ludwig II by Peter Sehr and Marie Noëlle.

Producers filming in the Munich area will be able to choose from a range of historical, natural, traditional and urban landscapes. Munich also has excellent infrastructure with worldwide leaders in technology such as Arri and effects specialists Scanline and Trixter, as well as the Bavaria Film Studios. Crews will find a one-stop-shop location that offers a multitude of services and studios, as well as the world’s best post-production companies.

The whole range of historical, architectural, natural, urban and traditional landscapes makes Munich exceptional as a shooting location. The variety of palaces, castles and residences, as well as the many magnificent court gardens, palace parks, gardens and lakes around the city offer unique locations for historical productions.

Munich also offers a wide selection of urban settings. The well-known Maximilian Street has stylish and luxurious locations and then there is the futuristic BMW World, the Olympia Park or the famous football stadium the Allianz Arena. Additionally, film crews will find suburban settings on the outskirts of the city with industrialised apartment blocks.

July is generally the warmest month of the year in Munich and the coolest is January. Showers and thunderstorms bring the highest average monthly rainfall in late spring and throughout the summer, while February is generally the driest time of year.

The higher elevation of Munich and the proximity of the Alps mean the city has more rainfall and snow than on other parts of Germany. The Alps affect the city's climate in other ways, as well, including a warm downhill wind from the Alps (foehn wind), which can raise temperatures sharply within a few hours, even in the winter.

Filming Permits
Permits are needed for film and TV shoots on public streets and squares, as well as in city buildings. Different city offices and departments are responsible for permits, depending on the nature of the production. News reporting, non-commercial photo shoots and productions that help promote the city and the Free State of Bavaria are generally free of charge.

Munich’s airport Franz Joseph Strauß is one of the main points of access and the city has comprehensive and punctual public transportation systems.

(Munchen 72 BTS photo courtesy of Teamworx)