Filming in Filming on location in New Zealand

New Zealand secured its place on the global filmmaking map with the international success of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy at the turn of the century, and the filmmaker has since built a production hub in the capital city Wellington. His Hobbit trilogy has once again boosted New Zealand’s profile.

The government boosted the country’s filming incentive programme in early 2014 to further enhance New Zealand’s international appeal, in a move that helped secure James Cameron’s Avatar sequels.

New Zealand offers a strong crew base of 15,000 and has three major studio facilities with nearly 20,600 square metres of stage capacity. Around 2,800 production companies generate NZD1.6 billion of revenue annually and there are well over a thousand post-production companies as well.

The country is famed for offering startlingly different filming locations within relatively small distances of each other. From Northland’s mangrove-fringed tidal inlets to the Central Plateau offers snow-capped volcanoes.

New Zealand also routinely doubles for other parts of the world. Emperor and The Last Samurai doubled the country for Japan and the southern landscapes have also stood in for the American Mid-West.

(Landscape images: Paul Mercer; Auckland photo: Chris McLennan, courtesy of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development Ltd; Hobbit BTS photo: Jared Connon)